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Comment Re:Dead end (Score 1) 191

that's not really the point though, the point is that it has to charge under 15 minutes while eating after 500km to do another 500km for it to be a long range replacement.

I don't stop to eat, so it needs to be charged up after everyone in the vehicle is finished with the rest room.

Comment Re:Definition of "computer geek" has changed. (Score 1) 158

I would agree that the "tech worker" classification used in this study includes a lot of people that wouldn't classify themselves as "computer geeks". I don't know any guys with "mail order" brides, but I know some that were probably arranged marriages. One guy in particular said his mom and sister sat him down and told him "look, you're over 35 and you haven't found a girlfriend yet, so we're going to find you a wife and that's the end of it".

California Regulator Seeks To Shut Down 'Learn To Code' Bootcamps 374

cultiv8 writes: "The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), a unit in the California Department of Consumer Affairs charged with licensing and regulating postsecondary education in California, is arguing that 'learn to code' bootcamps fall under its jurisdiction and are subject to regulation. In mid-January, BPPE sent cease and desist letters to Hackbright Academy, Hack Reactor, App Academy, Zipfian Academy, and others. Unless they comply, these organizations face imminent closure and a hefty $50,000 fine. A BPPE spokesperson said these organizations have two weeks to start coming into compliance."

Comment Re:It's about time! (Score 4, Insightful) 1431

First I'm an NRA member myself. Second I didn't read the article, but by the summary this was in no way a self defense shooting and the perp should rot in jail. I am one that believes that self defense is a right granted by God the same way that freedom of speech and freedom of expression is granted. Wasting a life because somebody got pissed is not a good excuse. Now when it comes to movies personally I only go to the drive-in or watch Blu-Ray anymore and I even turn off my phone at the drive in as I don't want the distraction. The last time I was in a regular theater was 2007 when I watched The Simpsons Movie.

Input Devices

Microsoft's New Smart Bra Could Stop You From Over Eating 299

walterbyrd writes "A team of engineers at Microsoft Research have developed a high-tech bra that's intended to monitor women's stress levels and dissuade them from emotional over-eating. The undergarment has sensors that track the user's heart rate, respiration, skin conductance and movement — all of which can indicate the type of stressful emotions that lead to over-eating, according to Microsoft researchers. The data is sent to a smartphone app, which then alerts users about their mood."

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