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Comment Cheating? (Score 1) 110

Well of course cheaters generally have cheating friends, I mean as a cheater, you aren't interested in putting in the work to become good, so why invest the time to find and or make cheats, someone else does that. So how to cheats get distributed? Well because people you know have them and they share them.

I guess I should RTFA at some point, but it would seem to make sense. So what's the issue here?

Comment Re:be a shield (Score 1) 229

This appears to be good advise. From my own management standpoint I would make the following basis to work from as a manager:

-- Listen to your team, but understand you make the final decision.
-- Don't feel that you are more important than those working under you, they have a job to do, you have a job to do, that's pretty much it.
-- Working with technical people, you're most effective by clearing hurdles for them. Help to make sure their health care is taken care of, that upper management comes to you with problems not directly to them. Minimize distractions for them. Etc. As a developer you need to be the interface between them and upper management
-- Make sure you do a few team building exercises, know your people and know how they want to be treated. Some people want pizza every once in a while, some people like award ceremonies, by knowing your team you can make them happy and happy people tend to be productive people and less likely to quit when a new job comes along.
-- Make sure you understand you are not technical anymore. Focus on the people not the technical details. If you get involved with the technical details you are likely to lose track of the people issues and if you lose track of those you will be in trouble.
-- Try to develop goals for each of your employees and check with them throughout the year to see how they are doing, offer advice or assistance as needed rather than just meeting with them once a year.

That's my best advice. While working as a technical person in corporate, most of my managers made half my income and performed far better when they considered themselves there to assist those working under them. The bad ones wanted respect because of their position rather than getting their position based on the respect they earned.

Keep in mind, though I believe managers are working for two masters, the management above them and the workers below them, a manager still has to be firm in his/her policy, don't let the people working for you set policy. Take their advice but you must make the final decisions and be willing to back up those decisions when upper management comes down on you for missed goals.

Comment Just starting? (Score 3) 175

Hmmm, knowing that I've seen this before, I decided to go lookabout http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/engineering/4277476 Ummm so what did they do? Apparently they emptied the thing of the sodium it had in 2009, either that or the 2009 article is in error.

Not sure if this is all that interesting, appears to just be a pr piece to help ensure people don't forget about them. Not sure why there is a time discrepancy. The show I saw before has some sort of sodium filled ball for measuring magnetic fields, and I assume that it's probably the same one. Since I watch most of my documentaries on Netflix now, I have to assume this thing is several years old.

Comment What? (Score 1) 230

Sponsors? What the heck? I come to slashdot to get answers not marketing BS. Now you are going to give some company "authority?" I guess I can say goodbye to getting answers on slashdot. This is not a fricken help site, why are you trying to change that? I come here to be informed about Stuff that matters not whatever marketing wants to shove down my throat. We already have a lot of non-nerdy types here, so what you want to do is water that down and become more common denominator? I guess I'll be pulling out my copy of slashcode soon.

Comment Re:Idiots (Score 1) 253

That may very well be, but good coders have the dedication to stick around when things get rough and to continue working. Now the reason a good coder will leave of course is when the company starts treating them poorly. Loyalty works both ways, when a company starts to take advantage of their position, requiring 80 hour work weeks, people to come in when there is a problem without compensation, lack of raises when to company is making money off their skills that is when a good coder will leave. I think the reason you're confusing loyalty with non-good coders is the fact that these people have to stay at the job. A good coder is probably smart enough not to believe company promises when the company starts to treat them poorly.

Or do you expect them to get punched and then turn around and say, "Thank you sir, may I have another?" That's not loyalty, that's stupidity.

Comment Re:Without Napster we'd still be buying all CD's (Score 1) 213

Case in point, Prince's early work all tended to be high quality and good music, buying the entire albums was a no brainer for me, however, a lot of the bands that are put together by the record studios are basically the same bland thing over and over just to fill time on the album, 1 track is more than enough to see all of their "talent". Most songs produced are just filler for the rest of the disk, very few artists are actually coming up with "new" quality songs for every track on a cd, most just fill the required track with something to get the cd filled. Or at least that's my opinion.

Comment Re:Iodine isn't freely available (Score 2) 757

Why the drug dealers don't actually give a damn about the people that use their product, this guy is trying to save lives not destroy them. The picture on the first link at ebay didn't look like it was "pure". So what happens if there are contaminates in the iodine? For a drug dealer, they don't care, for this guy though, it probably matters and thus not having access to a clean product means that he can't sell it.

Comment Re:She is right (Score 2) 314

I agree, some years back I got a Disney dvd for my kids and was frustrated at the number of ads, copyright notices, etc that had to be viewed before the movie even started. It makes far more sense to pirate the materials so that I can start the show when I want to not having to wait 5+ minutes to get to the point where I can hit play. Seems a shame that pirated works offer more value to the consumer even before you start looking at price.

Comment Re:It sais 'took' (Score 1) 344

I'm in the same boat. Eventually, I assume I will set my clocks, but for now unless they suffer a power loss and the battery in them goes dead, I won't worry about it. I stopped wearing a watch a long time ago and while knowing what time it is currently sometimes is nice, I don't really care all that often. Perhaps if I had someplace to be or I actually watched commercial television, I might care, but for now I'm fine looking out the window to know whether it's night or day.

Comment Re:Bizarre (Score 1) 841

Personally, I have found that college isn't a place to gather for those that want to learn. The curriculum is packed with classes that you have to take for STEM and there is very little leeway to take other classes without getting yourself into a position that it takes more than 4 years to graduate and you find yourself in the position of losing funding. Add to that, taking hard classes in addition to classes you are already taking is more likely to bring down your GPA than taking fluff courses on the side which boost GPA.

So, in my experience, college would have worked out far better if I would have stuck to a straight curriculum rather than taking "fun" courses like Chinese, Japanese, organic chemistry, upper level mathematics course, etc.

Comment Re:I doubt that Microsoft would try this (Score 3, Informative) 548

I may be way off base here, but though Microsoft was declared to be an illegal monopoly, wasn't their punishment settlement basically an agreement that gave them more control and profit than they had before? I'd have to go back and read through the documentation. That being the case, wouldn't it be in Microsoft's best interest to get in trouble again. Either way, it would be 10+ years before the case went to trial and by that time it would be the defacto standard .

Comment Re:Oil!!! (Score 1) 93

Doesn't one of Saturn's moons have a lot of petroleum? Seems to me that there was an article posted some time ago here that was about an engineer that said that the quantities of oil produced by rotting material was more than should be expected and thus there had to be a different source and pointed out a spectrogram that showed significant quantities on one of Saturn's moons.

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