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Comment Re:Could go 2 ways (Score 2, Informative) 54

My gut is that there is something fundamental we aren't getting. Like we are missing some basic software pack. It' works, but when ever we try to add models to it, specifically the tools need to create trains and rails, it never loads them.

A lot of stuff that people use to build things in garry's mod doesn't come with the game.
There are some addons that are so widely used that they're practically required. At a minimum I would recommend "PHX Model Pack 3" and "Wire Mod".

They can be downloaded and updated via SVN:

Adding a folder in gmod's "addons" folder and putting the files in it is sufficient for installing an addon.

Additionally, content from other source games such as Half-Life 2, TF2, and Counterstrike is also widely used. Installing those may help with missing models/textures.

Comment Money is fun (Score 1) 854

I imagine catering to a less skilled but broader audience translates into higher sales. It's all about numbers, you know.

Also, it seems that people are increasingly willing to buy watered down shit, ignoring quality and focusing on theme. I'm looking at you, sports games.

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