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Comment dammit Google, you did it again! (Score 4, Funny) 41

Google's filing (PDF) affirmed that they have not paid media for articles or done any quid pro quo in exchange for coverage. However, they acknowledged that many people receive money from Google through other means (the company's philanthropy, ad business, etc.), and asked the judge if he wanted further details about those instances.

stupid Google, dont you know that as a corporation you are supposed to deny and impede any attempt to get information about what you've done and tie it up in court for years? just look at Oracle, they deny everything until the bitter end and fight tooth and nail to budge an inch on any information at all. i mean, volunteering information? for shame!

this "don't be evil" stuff is really getting in the way of becoming a well adjusted sociopathic corporation.

Comment time to leave? (Score 2) 259

It's been gradual but i think we can say it's official that The Big Apple has become The Big Fuck You.

You have obscene pricing, crooked cops, they completely ignoring everything bad going down on Wall Street (and their major cocaine habit), they are a nanny city telling you that you cant have a large soda and now they are going Big Brother on everyone (that isn't part of the government).

Corporations really dont give a damn about what people do so long as they keep getting money from them. However, governments are just itching to break out the swat team for a double parked car.

I think it's time to blow the bridges and drag it out to sea with all the vermin on it.

Comment Qt: the missed opportunity (Score 4, Interesting) 152

Nokia has really shot itself in the foot. They could have pushed the porting effort to get Qt on Android and then get a nice native app ecosystem going but instead they went the (classically) shortsighted take-the-money route with Microsoft. Now they are stuck with this burden called Windows 8 Phone which is on a whooping 4% of cell phones. Windows 8 Phone just needs some apps, right? Well it's bad enough to come into the game late but when you have a hostile environment for developers (developers! developers!) you are not going to get anything but crappy ports from Android or iOS from developers that dont know any better.

It seems this culture of CEOs/board members coming and going on a regular basis has made corporate investments shortsighted.

Comment dont forget the converse. (Score 1) 263

According to this theory, if you are dont get negative feedback it makes you confident so you act polite and dishonest then conversely if you get a lot of negative feedback it makes you unsure of yourself so you are rude but truthful. I get a lot of flack for pointing these kind of things out but this this theory is total bunk.


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