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Comment Re:Me too! Honestly, guys... (Score 2, Insightful) 402

Like it or not Jobs is a corporate officer and a large beneficial owner of the company's stock.

If the company was withholding information that is considered material to the value of the business then it should be disclosed. Like it or not, his privacy has limits. He has voluntarily given some of it up in becoming a corporate officer. Failure to disclose can be a huge deal, especially if insiders sold stock during the time when this was not common knowledge.

In the long run it will not be a bunch of fanboys on slashdot or Apple's PR department that decide the correct level of disclosure. It will be the courts. I have little doubt that the class-action lawyers are already all over this issue. If they smell blood (or easy money) then they will pursue a case. At that point it will be up to the legal system.

Personally, I think Apple has left itself open for an expensive court case.

Comment Get a GMAT Test math prep book (Score 4, Informative) 609

I just finished taking the GMAT test. the quantitative (math) section covers almost all of the math you are looking to learn. A good book (like the official guide to the gmat) has problems arranged in order of difficulty and explains all of the answers in a step by step process.

GMAT math covers basic athrimetic, geometry, algebra, combinatorics, probability, word problems and data sufficiency. I haven't done long division
by hand in probably 15 years so I found the steps to be quite helpful.

One plus of using the gmat math as a stepping stone is that if you ever want to take the test yourself then you will be pretty well prepared for it.

Another plus is that there is a ton of free material out there for gmat math preparation - study guides, practice tests, quizzes, etc. that can all be downloaded for free.

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