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Comment Get a GMAT Test math prep book (Score 4, Informative) 609

I just finished taking the GMAT test. the quantitative (math) section covers almost all of the math you are looking to learn. A good book (like the official guide to the gmat) has problems arranged in order of difficulty and explains all of the answers in a step by step process.

GMAT math covers basic athrimetic, geometry, algebra, combinatorics, probability, word problems and data sufficiency. I haven't done long division
by hand in probably 15 years so I found the steps to be quite helpful.

One plus of using the gmat math as a stepping stone is that if you ever want to take the test yourself then you will be pretty well prepared for it.

Another plus is that there is a ton of free material out there for gmat math preparation - study guides, practice tests, quizzes, etc. that can all be downloaded for free.

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