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Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 4, Insightful) 199

Exactly. You have no idea of knowing whether "distributing" something might lend you in jail or ruin you financially.
Better be safe and all of your cultural sharing only via approved channels.
After all, what's a small fee for the assurance that you won't be charged with supporting communist terrorist pedophiles?

Comment Re:So now today we're for copyright? (Score 1) 307

It's funny how you people are against other's copyright, except when it belongs to one of your own. Hypocrite much?!?

I cannot speak for "you people", but that makes perfect sense to me:
1. We (myself and like-thinkers) are against copyright as it is currently implemented.
2. Some of us are against copyright in principle, while others will be OK with sane terms (which will allow free public participation in the culture of their generation).
3. Regardless of the above, as long as copyright remain are what they are, we will insist that they apply with equal (or, preferably, greater) harshness to the people and corporations that created, perpetuated and weaponized them, as they do to the rest of the population.

Comment Re:How does cuba have an embargo (Score 1) 325

Considering that communism in practice is restricted to Leninism and below, I'd say it's irrelevant if Marx wanted democracy or not.

Not so.

The fact that the only systems calling themselves "communist" that managed to gain power were reprehensible should not be an excuse for a blanket dismissal of anything with "communism" in its name.

Comment Re:How does cuba have an embargo (Score 1) 325

communism tends to be aggressive towards you.

That would be Leninism et al. There are other versions of Communism, you know. Hell, even Marx's "dictatorship of the proletariat" was intended to be democratic.

your average monarchist totalitarian couldn't care less, as long as he lives as king and you don't piss him off.

Such monarchs usually have very short life spans.
The more forward thinking ones make sure that you do not have the means nor the opportunity to "piss them off", even if you wanted to.

Comment Re:Damn Bush and his warrantless crap (Score 1) 146

1. When a non-corrupt political party comes into existence with a chance of winning.

In order to get a chance of winning, a party needs traction. In order to get traction, it needs a non-trivial amount of votes. If you refuse to vote for a party that "does not have a chance of winning", you deny them the opportunity of getting that chance.

2. When those who commit serious crimes in official capacities are charged, prosecuted, and jailed for them.
3. When those who fund the politicians are charged, prosecuted, and jailed for their serious crimes.

For #2 and #3 to become reality, you need to take care of #1 first.

I have hopes, but I have to get back to improving porcine aerodynamics first.

How about spending your time helping the non-corrupt get more influence? The next generation will appreciate it.

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