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Comment Re:Expertise does not translate (Score 2, Interesting) 740

I think there is also an expectation that Microsoft will fix the Windows 8 flaws... because they have shown in the past the ability to react to negative feedback (i.e. Vista = BAD, Win 7 = GOOD, now Win 8 = CRAP, therefore... Win 9 = teh aw3s0me)

Windows 8, even in release mode, smells like beta testing. The general reaction has been very "ME/Vista"-like. So we expect them to improve it. Will they? That's the real question...

Comment Internet Filtering (Score 1) 604

Almost every filtering system for the Internet is primarily based on blacklists... lists of URLs, lists of words... because there is no computer program capable of the morality required to filtering the Internet with any level of adequacy.

Until such a program, which requires no physical moving parts (unless you consider an automated head slapping device part of an effective filtering system), can tell what's obscene and what's no obscene... why would you expect a program to know why it should hit the sheep on the left instead of the 5 year old in a sheep costume trick or treating on the right when a squirrel chasing a RC car dashes into the road in front of the car?

Would these morality control systems be different by state? Likely, yes. Utah's morality code is drastically different than Alabama or Connecticut or Michigan or Wyoming even. Who's responsible for loading the latest morality code updates into your car (or internet filter) as you pass over state lines? And God forbid, what if you accidentally veer into Canada??!?

Is it technologically possible? yes.

Is it advisable? You got a LONG way to go, baby.

Comment Re:Home run counts misleading (Score 1) 50

Considering that Cabrera plays in Comerica Park 82 games a year. The largest park in the league, where may sluggers get swallowed up by 'Comerica National Park'... The fact that he led the league in home runs is entirely remarkable in and of itself.
No knock against Mike Trout. He's definitely the Rookie of the Year... but let's see him do it twice. Let's see if he's a flash in the pan.
Cabrera? Not just this year, but ever since he's started, has been at the top of the league. Hands down, the best hitter in the game, no questions asked unless you're stoned or a die hard Angels fan. PLUS... he moved to a different position this year (1st base to 3rd base).
The article makes an excellent statistical argument, so here's the mental/emotional argument... Top of the Ninth, 2 outs, your closer on the mound. You get to choose who you pitch to... Cabrera or Trout. betcha 5 out of 6 managers pick Trout, and that says it ALL.

Comment Bluetooth and Hearing Aids (Score 1) 183

I've been deaf most of my life. I recently received a Chili Oticon hearing aid ( and a connectline streamer ( which is a loop connection to the Chili, and picks up Bluetooth, so it was multipurpose, for working with phones and any bluetooth connectable sound sources.

Unfortunately, my hearing crashed worse and now I'm dealing with Cochlear implants... which WILL include a similar handheld device, and the Connectline *SHOULD* be fully compatible with the Cochlear processor!

Comment Re:Just block all ads and don't worry about it (Score 1) 716

Adblocking would not be necessary if the ad providers could be trusted. I don't AdBlock because I don't want to see the ads... I AdBlock because the advertisers cannot be trusted. They can't filter/protect their own ads from being filled with malware and other nasties...

So, a free notice to the advertisers: Provide real ads with legitimate products (not spam... I don't need peeniz enlargement advertised for any reason),without using obnoxious pop-ups, malware, and rootkits, then maybe we won't have to block your damn ads.

Comment Re:The ADA pushes too hard (Score 1) 694

I actually like that idea. Rewards for doing the right thing. But...

Do you give them a reward for providing sound so people who can hear have no issues watching the movie? You know, they give out refunds if the movie plays without sound... Do I ever get a refund if the RW or Open Captioning advertised doesn't play? No.

Comment Yee haw! (Score 1) 694

As a deaf American, I am happy this is happening. It makes Netflix useful, and I'd like to see it expand to all online video. What excuse do CNN or Fox news online have NOT to captioning the video on their websites? Not a single one.

As an American businessman, I can understand what a collosal pain in the ass it is for business... but it's not the fault of ME or any other deaf person that Netflix chose to ignore us.

Would you use Netflix if all the movies and shows had no sound? Course not. There's no excuse not to have closed captioning, not from a technical stand point at least. Almost all original video has captioning enclosed nowadays. ALL broadcasts in the US are required to have closed captioning. Claiming they don't have access to the captioning is horse feces.

The bigger issue is the LICENSING costs, I believe. Captioning is often treated as a separate performance from the primary material. This, I believe, its also horse feces. Is the sound a separate performance from the video? No, it goes together to produce the performance.

I'd also like to see it expanded to the movie theaters, where a deaf person is often treated like a fool for asking if a movie has captioning... and having to seek out 2nd or 3rd run options, when there is plentiful technology to present this without issues (Rear Window, specifically) with other movie goers.

Again, I understand this costs money, but... if you did it in the first place, it wouldn't be an issue, would it? Or should be all be watching silent movies still?

Comment Long Time Hearing Aid Wearer (Score 1) 629

I wish I could answer this question for you, but I cannot. Hearing aids have always been expensive. I have worn hearing aids since I was in first grade. I just purchased 1 new hearing aid which cost over $1500. I have worn about 8 pairs of hearing aids in the last 35 years.They last on average between 4 to 5 years before they cost too much to repair OR they simply cannot be repaired adequately. I suspect that the level of hearing loss adversely affects the price. The supply/demand issue DOES affect it. Few people are in the range of needing the super powerful, digital hearing aids with Bluetooth and all the listening addons. Personally, my hearing is atrocious, and I've actually suffered a secondary collapse in hearing, pushing me into the likelihood of Cochlear Implants instead of a hearing aid in the near future. The more important question is: Why doesn't health insurance cover hearing aids? But it WILL cover a cochlear implant, which costs 4 to 10 times as much?

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