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Comment armbands? (Score 3, Funny) 837

You might want to float the idea of having armbands. They're unobtrusive, sharp, and have been shown in the past to foster a sense of shared identity.

Might want to give a little thought to putting a logo of some sort on it too...maybe one of those Indian good luck know, something simple that looks good in black and white.

Comment my personal experience (Score 1) 426

I've only really been in this situation once (non-technical manager, big deadline, his ass on the line), and I think the guy in question couldn't have handled it better.

First, he asked us for a list of things he could do to help. Then, he got us free takeout from our choice of local restaurants, a couple liters of soda, and a six-pack for when the job was done. Finally, he told us to get in touch with him if we needed anything, and he went around the corner and hung out in another office until we were done.

He had a beer with us at 1 AM and told us not to come in the next day until noon.

Good guy.

Comment Re:Backups are unimportant; restore is everything. (Score 1) 279

I think you're overstating your point. Unless you are saving your data in a truly useless format, having a practiced procedure for getting that data back into production only lets you get the data back up faster. We have one backup system in particular at my office - although we have never built a production machine from it, we do (manually and automatically) test the data to ensure that everything from production made it in. Will restoring that data be slow and sketchy? Sure. Is it fair to say that nobody will care if we have the data backed up? No.

That being said, though, if a system is capable of losing this much data without an act of god, then a lot of people need to be fired. With incremental backups, tests, and enough redundancy, it is nearly impossible to actually lose more than a couple days worth of data.

I agree with you about MS, though. People really need to get it through their heads that Microsoft is one company among many. They make great hardware (typing this on a Microsoft Natural keyboard), and excel is still best in class; on the other hand, they make a couple products I wouldn't be caught dead using.

On the bright side, I guess this should put the adage "Nobody gets fired for buying Microsoft" to bed, eh? :)

Comment Re:Analysis of Miguel's article (Score 1) 747

Would you be so kind as to point out precisely which "personal attacks" in that article you are objecting to?

Really, you're only mentioned in passing in that article, and referred to as a "Microsoft apologist."

An apologist is defined as "a person who argues to defend or justify some policy or institution." Although it does have very, very slight negative connotations, I don't think any rational person would object to you being labeled a "Microsoft apologist," especially since you just penned an apology (in the apologist sense, not the "I'm sorry sense").

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