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Comment Exact Opposite of What Should Have Been Said (Score 5, Insightful) 703

That's funny last night I was thinking the exact opposite of what the MADD organization came up with. I mean the game tells you look this is NOT safe you really should get a taxi. And I not actually knowing how to hail a taxi yet decided to risk it. Sure enough it was a BIG mistake. The car was insanely hard to control I got within viewing distance of one patrolling policeman and he called in a ton of them to put me out of commission. I think Rockstar came through in this virtual world with a true to life scenario showing that drunk driving is not the way to go. I was thinking the whole time I will take the cab this is crazy! What a waste of my time as I had not saved the game recently!

Submission + - Fire Safe Cigarettes (

Kilzfire writes: "Legislation is being enacted across the nation unbeknowst to many citizens our freedom is being slowly taken away from us. I am sure many of you have heard about the smoking bans from public areas. Have you heard about the FSC (Fire Safe Cigarettes)? At some point in December I noticed my cigarette was different as it was hard to keep lit. Apparently the State of Illinois has brought forth a law that requires all cigarettes sold within it's borders to be fire safe as of January 1, 2008. And Illinois is just one of the many states that have decided that it's citizens cannot decide on what type of cigarette to smoke."

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