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Comment Re:Fair Use? (Score 1) 527

Consented and enjoyed the act? What fucking planet are you living on? He drugged her and she told him no, but was unable to stop him.

The girl testified that she left the Jacuzzi and entered a bedroom in Nicholson's home, where Polanski sat down beside her and kissed the teen, despite her demands that he "keep away." According to Gailey, Polanski then performed a sex act on her and later "started to have intercourse with me." At one point, according to Gailey's testimony, Polanski asked the 13-year-old if she was "on the pill," and "When did you last have your period?" Polanski then asked her, Gailey recalled, "Would you want me to go in through your back?" before he "put his penis in my butt." Asked why she did not more forcefully resist Polanski, the teenager told Deputy D.A. Roger Gunson, "Because I was afraid of him."

Jesus, way to lie to make yourself feel better about sick acts done by adult men on 13 year old girls.

Comment Re:Fair Use? (Score 1) 527

Many states used to make rape a capital offense (Virginia and Louisiana, for example), Louisiana had it on the books as late as 2008 but the Supreme Court overturned it as cruel and unusual.

You are, of course, limiting yourself to the United States, since among the many capital offenses in the world are drug trafficking (Singapore), espionage (Algeria), witchcraft (Central African Republic), sodomy (Mauritania), kidnapping (Uganda), embezzlement and fraud (China), prostitution (North Korea), attempted murder of police (Russia), ... and, yes, rape (Egypt, Guyana, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Thailand, China, Kuwait, and so on).

Comment Re:laughable (Score 1) 647

Actually, the whole point of "inalienable" rights as defined by the Declaration were those instilled in us by "the Creator" (the higher power that made humanity exist.) So things like the right to live (and thus the right to eat, drink, breathe), the right to speak freely, the right to travel, the right to work and make use of your labor - these are things that when the word "inalienable" was written meant that they were not man's to give, nor man's to take away.

A lot of that stemmed from the early beginnings of the existential crisis, which at that time boiled down to, I don't have a choice to be created and exist on this earth, so all of my faculties must have some sort of higher purpose that is beyond me, so a life of solitude and selfishness (and nastiness and brutishness and thus shortness) is less ideal than one of community and the "common welfare." So the inalienable rights were declared - rights which were simply above man's pay grade.

Attributing any other meaning to that word, whether trying to shrink it (as you are), or enlarge it (as some more ardent socialists are), is beyond its scope.

We can argue about whether there are inalienable rights, but if you believe that such things exist, then no, there is no right of those around you to murder you in the street.

I mean, we had 500 years of philosophers arguing over these kinds of things, you're not the first to take a stab at it.

Comment Re:Music vs. Movies (Score 1) 378

Really, you're gonna say that, when we've had

No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood, Up, Ratatouille, Children of Men, Milk, In The Mood For Love, Lord of the Rings, The Incredibles, Dark Knight, Inglorious Basterds, Wall-E, Brick, The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, Gone Baby Gone, Amores Perros, Babel, Pan's Labyrinth, A History of Violence, Eastern Promsies, You Can Count On Me, Adaptation., Boy A, Black Hawk Down, Finding Nemo, Coraline, Casino Royale, Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont, Persepolis, Spirited Away, Ponyo, The Pianist, The Lives of Others, Downfall, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Motorcycle Diaries, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Dogville, The Machinist, The Fall, Gran Torino, Far From Heaven, Mystic River, In Bruges, Catch Me If You Can, The Departed, The Royal Tenenbaums, Oldboy, Kill Bill, Walk Hard, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Letters From Iwo Jima, Triplets of Belleville, Monsters Inc, Moon, Toy Story 2, Mulholland Dr, O Brother Where Art Thou, A Simple Man, Once, The Prestige, Rescue Dawn, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Spider-Man 2, The Aviator, The Bourne trilogy, Fog of War, Capturing the Friedmans, The Hurt Locker, Zodiac, Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, The Last Hangman, The Others,The Visitor, Sweeney Todd, Training Day, The Descent, The Counterfeiters, Frost/Nixon, Doubt, Finding Neverland, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hotel Rwanda, Ghost World, Waltz with Bashir, The Station Agent ...

all in the past decade?

And that's me being kind of stingy with the list! This has been the greatest decade of film of all-time (doesn't have quite the peaks of the 30s or 70s, but all-around it's definitely ahead) and the next decade should only prove more exciting to see what these directors, actors, writers, animators, and (yes) movie studios can do.

Comment Re:Surely informing the school runs against (Score 3, Informative) 643

On the very same page!

We may disclose personal information if we or one of our affiliated companies is required by law to disclose personal information, or if we believe in good faith that such action is necessary to comply with a law or some legal process, to protect or defend our rights and property, to protect against misuse or unauthorized use of our web sites or to protect the personal safety or property of our users or the public.

Comment Re:its fair turn around (Score 1) 1172

First, nobody really cares about the news wing of Fox News. Anyone can read a 3-graf bit about a car bombing in Mosul or a new ambassador to Sri Lanka. So, why are you even discussing it?

What everyone sees at Fox News is the commentators, the opinion sections. And they see that their version of "fair and balanced" (equal time for both sides) is not the same as Fox News's version of "fair and balanced" (a conservative counterweight to what they perceive as a generally more liberal media.)

Go read the things Pat Buchanan, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Andrew Napolitano, Ann Coulter, Susan Estrich, Judith Miller, Grover Norquist, et al write in the Opinion section of Fox News's websites. Now try to find even a semblance of a liberal equivalent to that there.

Fox News has tried to take this weird high road of saying their station itself is "fair and balanced", when clearly what they meant when they kicked it off was "we are balancing ourselves against Meet The Press and MSNBC and the New York Times, etc." Which is a perfectly legitimate position.

The problem is I think they've bastardized it terribly by becoming a mouthpiece for the Republican Party even at its most wrongheaded, and I don't see nearly enough independent thinking, compromise, or moderation on their part. I don't agree with everything the Democratic Party does, and I let my Congressman (Mr. Ron Paul himself) know. But the whipping in line of a media outlet by a single party is really impressive, nobody at FOX News is ever off-message - and that's precisely the problem. There's no inner debate, not even a hint of "well, maybe we're wrong, maybe there is more than one side to this, maybe it's not black and white", and without that, I think calling Fox News "fair and balanced" is a farce.

There are plenty of liberal equivalents to this, of course, but they're just little blogs and DailyKos and The Progressive and the like. None of them are on cable TV. None of them have the weight of Rupert Murdoch and News Corp's prodigious checkbook behind them. That's why we laugh when hear what FOX News has to say. You can be biased, you can even be transparent in it, but if you're big business, don't expect people to just nod their heads uncritically.

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