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Comment Re:There's nothing to dilute. (Score 1) 191

People talk about open source as if users give a damn. Users are only interested in 2 things, how much it costs, and if it works Maybe when it comes to applications for users yeah, but what about frameworks and libraries? Developers are only interested in two (there's more, but this sounds better ;) )things when it comes to frameworks and libraries, does it work, and if it doesn't can I fix it?

Comment Re:Doom and Quake? 1993 & 1996... (Score 1) 280

Albert Einstein is most well known for his Theory of Relativity. That was by no means his only achievement, but it got him the spotlight alright. If he were alive today he would ***still known best for things done x+15 and y+18 years ago*** Was he a creative out of the box thinker? You bet. Can he claim it as a strong point? Absolutely, but Einstein was known to be modest ;)

Comment Re:The reasoning - rigor (Score 1) 278

Alas, the world is not perfect your right. But just because something is done a certain way and accepted as such by the court of law or anyone for that matter, it doesn't necessarily make it right or acceptable. But as I said, what defines these things called "right", "acceptable" in this context? See, citation, even if the facts are correct might not even be enough because, human morality, thinking and understanding is uhm, fudgeable? But this is a topic for another day, getting way too philosophical and I've had too much wine ;)

Comment Re:The reasoning - rigor (Score 1) 278

Your comment lacks sufficient rigor. Something the law is supposed to provide when ruling over issues. If there's no rigor, then hell the courts can do almost what they want without *rigorous* application of the law. But then again, I cannot deny that I have always been a supporter of "Spirit of law" vs "Rule of law". In a perfect world when we try and reconcile the two we'd want the "interest of the public" to prevail. Now what's in the interest of the public and whats in the interest of the corporate world are, almost, always different. Devil's advocate time, who defines these things? You? Me? Us? Slashdot? God? The Pink Unicorn?

Comment Re:Again? (Score 2) 465

FTA: Apple’s lengthy court filing, seen by Mobilized, is filled with what Apple claims are examples of the copy-catting, ranging from core technology to screen icons to **hardware shape**. In particular, Apple cites patents issued in 2009 and 2010 that cover the physical design of the iPhone along with various trademarks for its app icons.

But then again maybe when you put a lot of these design elements together and not just the basics but actual placement of buttons, speakers, texture and a whole bunch of other stuff it might actually start resembling product xyz or abc. IANAL but I agree that individual elements should not be patentable (rounded corners, borders etc), but a lot of these things together constitutes a "design". Either way I think Apple are being royal arseholes. iPhones are great. Galaxy S (I have one) is great, Galaxy Tab is great and so is the iPAD. Company politics bickering suing, litigation, court battle BS is a load of shit.

Comment Re:No need for layoffs then (Score 2, Interesting) 388

Fuck, this post made my day. About a year ago, I quit at a job after years of political tyranny, bullying and self serving crap of the higher echelons. I was at the end of my rope and the noose was getting tight. Like you say everyones was on the verge of hanging themselves including those that perpetuated the political agenda to aggrandize their positions and get a 1UP on the ladder. I left just in time. 3 months afterwards everything blew up in their faces and either left by themselves for fear of being exposed or they were exposed and were fired by the board. I had the same thoughts of being a quitter, but the day I left, doors started opening. The grass isn't always greener, but sometimes you have to get of the lawn altogether.

Comment Re:which language is best? (Score 1) 394

Never did a CS degree, but I thought they were mostly about a subset of Mathematics called Discrete Mathematics? At least to a large degree anyway. It's all about boolean logic, boolean algebra, data structures and algorithms. The "Programming Language" is largely immaterial. Most people who consider taking a CS degree, think, ah "computers and programming" where as they would be closer if they just thought, mathematics (perhaps a bit of philosophy ;) )

Comment Re:Oh wow! New graphics cards! (Score 1) 153

I do tons of research before I start buying components for a new rig, especially gfx cards. Last time I checked, their erm, pretty expensive. It might be valuable to hear what the ./ crowd has to say about the new shiny x y or z before making final decisions. I read slashdot for the comments mostly anyway. In my opinion this is "News for Nerds, Stuff that matters".

Submission + - Australian Court Order Served Via Facebook

gizmod writes: Victoria police got court approval to use the site after attempts to serve the order in person, over the telephone or via the post failed.
The "prolific" Facebook user was accused of, among other things, using the site to harrass, bully and threaten another person, and police said they transcribed all the court documents and sent them to his Facebook inbox.
A video was also made of the order being read "as if the Respondent was being directly spoken to" and sent electronically to him.

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