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Comment Re:The curious thing (Score 2) 200

Nokia's Linux businesses? They have to be worth something to somebody. And anything is better than nothing, unless they get more for destroying them than selling them.

Nokia's Linux effort was worth billions to Microsoft. Billions to have it dead.

MS sees Linux as threat and it's their tune that Nokia dances to. Elop has gone out of his way* to ensure that there's no return to Linux at Nokia.

* Firing MeeGo and Meltemi teams and killing both projects, shutting down Salo factory where N9 was being made and laying off QT devs. Everything Linux related has been axed.

Comment Re:Good luck (Score 3, Interesting) 200

I should have included the bit before that. I know about that, but how does that affect its openness?

Aegis prevents messing with some of the system files, but it's not too hard to circumverent/disable Aegis alltogether. Install open kernel or use Inception.

Though I haven't bothered with either. Aegis hasn't (yet) come into my way when porting software to the phone or installing stuff from community repository with apt-get. Much of stuff in community repos are just stock debian armel packages, with slight modifications in control files.

If you know how to compile programs in Linux, then that's the only thing you need to know to port stuff to Harmattan. Install Scratchbox to your computer, log in to it, download sources, apt-get necessary -dev packages, ./configure && make and scp resulting binaries to your phone. For extra points you can ofcourse roll it into debian package and kindly ask at #harmattan IRC channel for your package to be added to the community repository so that everyone can install it on their phones with apt-get.

N9 is just awesome. Swipe UI wipes the floor with Android and IOS + it really feels like a true Linux computer. Elop has made sure it's hard to get, but IMO it's easily worth all the money you throw for it.

Comment Re:Nothing like a beating to make a believer. (Score 1) 907


Where do the particles that form your physical self go when you die? Don't they become building blocks for other things?

The matter you consist of was born in stars. It has been part of many non-living as well as living things and by all likelyhood will continue to do so in the future.

Comment Re:Anything to do with certain patriot missiles? (Score 1) 55

This was noticed when the ship stopped at Finland to load some wood products.

AFAIK it stopped in Finland to load few pieces of chain. Stopping in Finland if you are on the way from Germany to China makes very little sense (it's in the opposite direction), so maybe the whole stop was just to camouflage the ship's original route. However the ship got into a storm, called pilot for help and ended up being inspected.

It was found out that the freight was not correctly secured and had been thrown around during the storm. There was also some problems with ship's freight bill. 69 Patriot missiles were found that were not mentioned.

When questioned about the whole mess the shipping company said that the missiles were "probably loaded in by accident".

My guess is that these missiles were German second hand PAC-2s that have been legally sold to South-Korea. Why were they smuggling them? No idea.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 405

which kinda defeats the point of the industries drive towards more efficient devices with longer battery life. I overclocked my netbook once. Most pointless thing I've ever done. It's now underclocked to eek out a little more battery life.....

There are lots of cases where overclocking actually increases the battery life. If CPU does the calculation faster (considering that voltage stays the same) it spends more time idle and thus saves the battery.

Comment Re:Undamaged? (Score 1) 612

Originally there were reports by Iran that they shot it down. Iran seems to keep changing their story on how they acquired the plane.

Do you understand farsi? Did they actually say that the drone was shot down or that it was brought down?

It wouldn't be the first time someone got the translation wrong,

Comment Re:Wikileaks done in by its own leak (Score 1) 316

Later someone points an RPG at the helicopter. Some claim this is the camera that is seen earlier, except the reporter wasn't the one standing there, and the RPG is much larger than the camera seen earlier.

The lens pointed at helicopter around the corner looks like Canon 500mm F4. Google it out if you can't tell the differrence between RPG and Canons gray/white professional lenses. (Hint: RPGs are thin, long and have very distinctive conical shaped charge at the end)

Comment Re:Assange condemns greed? (Score 5, Informative) 944

Go ahead look up the definition and yes that is what we have in this country now Fascism. You don't get it the media and the men behind the curtain wants you to use words like Corporatism because the world still remembers the horror fascism can bring.

Straight from horse's mouth:

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power."
- Benito Mussolini.

Comment Re:Head Start? (Score 1) 228

What an utterly stupid comment. I've read a lot of dumb comments on slashdot, but ... wow, yours might just be the stupidest thing I've read on the Internet... ...But really, why let facts stand in the way of your Green Religion that makes being an allegedly noble savage with a small carbon footprint the ideal human life?

No need to get so emotional.

What I mean is that there is different types of advancement. Hunter gatherers know their environment very well and can survive there. The most basic thing they usually learn is to respect the very resources their life depends on, because anything else means death. They have gathered knowledge during thousands of years that is essential to their survival. Which plants to eat and to use, what material is best used for what purpose and so forth. (What tree species/types would you use for a composite bow?) Just drop a random tourist deep into the jungles of Papua-New Guinea and see how long he/she survives. Or maybe Siberia? People don't automatically know how to build proper shelter from readily available materials in order to survive temperatures that plummet under -40ÂC or how to build tools for hunting and so forth. Indigenous tribes do know all that. Sure you can be proud that your culture developed windmills, sextants and aqueducts (did they?), but in such situation that knowledge won't keep you warm.

I think that it's very plausible that humans have evolved as a species into certain way of life (we were hunter gatherers for several hundred of thousand of years afterall) and that what we are today might not be natural or even best for us. It's likely just a runaway reaction caused by farming.

It's not nice of you to try to label me as some religious nutjob. I'm intrested in pondering things like this and I try to keep an open mind. I just think that there's no need to bash those that have lived as hunter gatherers as stupid and backwards. They have shitloads of knowledge that is relevant to their way of life.

Comment Re:Sorry, but go with what you know (Score 1) 382

While your method will probably produce a much leaner system, with slightly higher performance-per-clock-cycle, you are suggesting a system that requires a huge amount of "free time" to learn, and a willingness to dive head first into a tar pit of new knowledge. If you have a year or so to beat your head against a thousand brick walls while you climb a rather steep learning curve, then Gentoo is perfectly acceptable, and can (eventually) produce a leaner, cleaner server environment, tailored exactly to the task at hand.

I think that OP meant just the opposite of what you are saying. He's not suggesting gentoo due to small performance gains that you might or might not get from using it. Instead the point of his post is that by exposing yourself to how your system works you learn faster and save time in the end.

I started with gentoo stage 1 install when I was complete newbie to Linux and I've never regretted it. With the help of their good documentation it took me a day or two. I quickly switched to Ubuntu - and then Debian - afterwards, but as for educative task, installing gentoo from ground up was really worth it and has saved me from countless of hours of "hitting my head into brick wall" when dealing with random issues later on. The simple fact is that during those few days I learned more of Linux than I would have learned from years using Ubuntu.

The point is entirely about exposure and quick learning, not about what distro to use for the actual task. After you have learned the basics you'll do fine with all or any of them.

Comment Re:Head Start? (Score 1) 228

Why is it that the populations of humanity with the earliest head start (in terms of population establishment) ended up as the most primitive? I'm looking at you, Africa and now apparently Australia. This is absolutely not politically correct, but I'm sure you can agree that the Bantu and Aboriginal cultures shy in comparison to... well everyone else, who are at least capable of conquering their environment.

Is it less advanced to live in sustainable balance with your environment than to rape and conquer it (and other cultures)?

Let's see how our "advanced" culture looks 75.000 years from now.

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