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Comment Only efficient in the south (Score 0) 557

I can remember reading a study about half a year ago that concluded that low heat output lightbulbs are only energy efficient in areas where the climate is warm in the winter months. The heat released in the winter is more energy efficient (only very slightly but still it's on the plus side) than running a low heat light bulb (LED, CF) and generating the lost head by traditional methods (electric heat, heating oil, natural gas, etc). It might be more "green" to just switch light bulbs with the season.

Comment Re:Wrong dictionary. (Score 1) 486

Still the wrong dictionary. There are many words that 99% of the English speaking countries spell one way, that the Americans spell differently. (Colour/color for example) A hybrid dictionary should be created using regional variations of common words for use in brute force attempts like this. I don't speak a word of Portuguese, but It's a pretty good guess that regional spelling variations exist between Portugal and Brazil as well.

Comment Full Disclosure (Score 1) 123

In the interest of full disclosure. We have to report a major structural fire on August 24, 1814. Most of the interior was gutted, and some exterior walls had to be re-built. The fire was ruled to be Arson, perpetrated by a gang of disgruntled Canadians. Since that time, there have been 40 other owners. Mostly white professionals although persons of a mixed ethnic background have been moving into the area in recent years.

Comment Mafiaboy (Score 1) 164

Mafiaboy (Michael Calce) is the highschool kid from Montreal Canada who took down Yahoo, Amazon, Dell, Etrade, Ebay and CNN in 2000. He was arrested by the RCMP and prosecuted. In 2001, he was sentenced to eight months of "open custody", a year's probation, a fine, and restrictions to his use of the internet. Reader's Digest did an interview with him recently (Last year or two)

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