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Comment What goes around comes around (Score 2, Interesting) 349

Did Apple seriously think that they could get away with their asshole-ish behaviour forever without any repercussions? It was seriously short sighted of them to think that there wouldn't be an eventual backlash, or that they underestimated how much of a backlash once it got up some momentum. Just my own observations too, the backlash seems to be trickling down to the consumer level, I've heard quite a bit of talk around the office of jumping ship to Android when phone contracts expire from people who previously wouldn't part with their iPhone. YMMV.

Comment And it allows you to do..what? (Score 1) 60

Not a troll, I genuinely want to know what benefit it is. You can already load any software, there aren't custom distros of the OS to load, you aren't tied to an 'App Store', so how useful is this really? I also notice that it requires a beta of the OS, so how long-lived will this 'jailbreak' be? Is it something RIM can fix before releasing 2.0 to the general public?

Comment Re:Who... cares? Is this a good thing? (Score 1) 124

I've found that generally, the shipped-with-windows driver can get you by for most printing, but if you have a multi-function and want to scan then it's the HP bloatware. Even on the models (I've used) with a web interface, they have a basic scan function through the browser, but anything else pretty much requires the install CD. Which then gives you not only drivers, but all the rest of the bloat, the background processes with totally non-descriptive names, the extra services (also with non-descriptive names), the 'Shop for Supplies here!' BS, the auto updater that calls home, and the rest. You can manually weed some of it out..but not all. If you try to uninstall parts, it bitches and moans that it is required for functionality (I don't think that HP Photosmart Essentials is a vital component, and I sure as hell don't want or need it. Same with the 'Solution Center'). At least that's my experience.

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