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Comment Re:What is the market niche of ChromeOS? (Score 1) 263

For people who need to do Real Work in Cloud apps. Email, IM, Accounting, various Management, Online Education (outside CS), Data Entry, Blogging, Web Content Creation & more are all available on a device no-one is going to screw-up easily. They're high reliability (low setup & virus risk) systems for people who don't mind being limited to just the Internet.
The wide variety of platform dev targets is causing anything & everything with a UI to consider a Web/Cloud app interface (for all the devices your regular development missed).

Comment Re:Best Yet (Score 2) 241

Math? 10,000 years old (at-least)
Architecture? 6,000 years old (at-least)
Software Design? 50 years old (at best).
The other fields grew because of vast peer review of shared knowledge of experimentation & improvement. Of software design, only open-source can grow that way. If you want to avoid blatant stupidity, go open.

Comment Re:I'm sorry but he is wrong.. (Score 1) 95

Those businesses could be labelled all those things. Facebook at start-up needed the savings of the Linux stack. Since then, Facebook has hired many open-source-trained engineers & contributed back various open technologies. Software was originally a freebie to sell hardware. There could easily, soon be no "Open-only companies" while open-source would continue to grow inside each company that recognizes its value even to the extent that their business model depends on it.

Comment Re:negatory, cut them back, hard (Score 1) 605

Identify the forces (here, laws) that cause this:
  • Corporate Personhood (allowing massive lobbying)
  • The legal requirement for corporate boards to maximize profit at all else or be fined
  • Free-trade to places that don't match our expectations for middle-class employment
  • etc

Then systematically determine how to eliminate these problems.

Comment Re:I'm sorry but he is wrong.. (Score 1) 95

Looks great until the last paragraph. Facebook wouldn't have gotten off the ground unless PHP, Apache, Linux, & MySQL were all very available for initial development. Had it needed ramp-up & investor buy-in, it would have been taken from the original developers.
Google's cloud services are much cheaper than the competition because of unification which was possible because all code could use the same open foundation (IBM, even Microsoft could not).
Twitter's cost & proprietary competition, what?

Comment Re:Last question in summary is very insightful (Score 1) 586

Farming in 1900 with tractors was "delegating everything to machines". We went on to have services like psychologists (good luck automating that) & yoga instructors (ha!). New inventions & discoveries created new industries (Computing, Internet, Statistics). Vast world-wide data sources (on food, healthy practices, habits, cultures) are being stitched together, examined, & even monitored.

Comment Re:annual windows (Score 1) 474

Wine's DirectX to OpenGL translator presents DirectX-capable video cards to Windows VMs on Linux. Valve can use it as a library for a closed-source Linux app could and no one would know unless you reverse-engineered the game.
And with Valve making a console, you'll never know it's a "fiddly" Linux system underneath.

Comment Re:Competition (Score 1) 124

It's an open stack that's withstood years of security hardening already with a well-tested sandbox (Gecko Javascript). Also the lack of app updates every evening (like the other 3) will help keep data usage down to what's used. There is enough new & different in this phone that I could see it going (low-price) places where even Android can't reach.

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