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Comment Pencil solution (Score 2) 241

I use a pencil, you insensitive clod!

This is actually one of the few times that response isn't hyperbolic. The pen is like a keyboard without a delete key; I prefer clean, correct code, whether the context is machine-readable or human-readable code.

Comment Re:BOINC (Score 2) 59

If I understand correctly, this project would use Nereus-V instead of BOINC. The former transmits data through a Web browser, where the latter does so using the BOINC client. I can't say more because I don't really see how those are much different at the end of the day, but with Nereus, you connect to projects over HTTP, which they argue is easier for users than launching a pre-configured native client.

Comment Re:relinquish any data (Score 2) 69

I too, give them more credit. This was a probably very effective campaign designed to fine-tune the advertising mechanism just a bit more, which, despite the inconvenience, serves ultimately to increase revenue. It's one thing to watch a video, but to put everything else aside to preserve it when the notice that it will disappear appears, sends a mighty strong ''Like'' signal.

Comment Re:Baker all the way (Score 1) 655

It is for this reason that I would advocate watching the series in sequence starting with Jon Pertwee, the third Doctor.

You'll enjoy the transition into color, and the best Doctor of all, Tom Baker, will be refreshingly modern when you get to his episodes. If you can handle the camp, prepare yourself for the most awesome, un-remarkable, un-religious religious experience of your life.

Comment Re:delete key? what? (Score 1) 391

I used to just remove the context menu key and the insert key from my keyboard. But about 10 years ago, I mapped the context menu key to launch zombo.com. It seems most folks aren't familiar with the key's purpose - a fun prop for showing newbs how modern computing is so advanced, a single key-click is the only thing that stands between you and your ability to "do anything you want..."

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