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Comment Re:Be a teacher (Score 1) 564

I would suggest this, not that it would work for her: I have been many things in my 35 years, most of them successful, a few of them being very well paid, however I found myself hating most of the jobs where I was very well paid, i.e. IT and Corporate/Executive Management. I was very math-centric in college and I changed my major a few times, but I never stopped the concentrations in math and sciences. So after telling all this, I suggested the same thing to my kids, which, was not to change your major a bunch of times, but to pick a college major that is a bit more generalized, but make sure you focus on getting a good understanding of math and sciences, because if you do have those foundations laid...when you finally figure out what you want to do, you will have the ability to do so. Very few successful jobs exist without math or science specialties, but if you keep those as a foundation, your options are far more diverse. What am I now? Well, I am a cop. I make a lot less money, and I am an IT Consultant/Real Estate agent in my off time, but I am much happier than when I was working in software development, or within the confines of the greedy corporate ladder. Maybe next week I can be a Gynecologist.

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