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Comment Spoiler Candidates in MA (Score 0) 627

Massachusetts has had a recent history of spoiler candidates (think Ross Perot in '92 nationally), with several Republicans losing because 3rd party candidates siphoned away votes. Deval Patrick has won election to the governorship twice thanks to both Christy Mihos and Tim Cahill appealing to voters who would otherwise potentially go Republican. With so many other Democratically-held positions going unchallenged, why are you running in one of the few races where a moderate Republican can win?

Comment Re:Different government levels hinder smart growth (Score 1) 244

To give an example of the lack of coordination in American government, my hometown has a large former quarry/sandpit which would be ideal for office space. We have Boston's big ring highway and the highway up to New Hampshire starts here. Instead, the town is allowing single family homes with "traffic calming" (read:causing) planning to be dropped into the middle of the space. I think we plan the roads based on the wiggling of worms.

The State tries to make Boston's waterfront more attractive with tax breaks, which will backup the highways even more. And since we've burnt so much highway money on the Big Dig, there's none left to fix obvious bottlenecks. For example, we have a 4 lane highway connected to another 4 lane highway by a single 20MPH ramp. If there is a master plan, it is to screw everything up.

Comment Re:Watch this be used... (Score 1) 410

Why is this a troll?

Really, what is my State Attorney General's office going to do to help with something out of state? Chuckle and say "contact the AG in that state" probably. So why should I be paying sales tax?

And on top of that there are also local taxes, some of which cannot be calculated by ZIP code. So there is additional cost for these online stores to deal with because the government doesn't feel its current taxation methods are sufficient.

Comment A La Carte Cable (Score 1) 130

This is another reason why I won't get cable until I can select each channel individually. Otherwise I am guaranteed to paying for Sumner Redstone's MTV Networks (including Jersey Shore), The Golf Channel, and other stuff that I don't watch. Why should I pay Disney's ESPN 4 bucks a month when I really don't care what they have to say? It's not enough for me to see commercials when I'm watching, but to pay monthly too?

Comment Iowa Baby Iowa! (Score 2, Insightful) 477

Let's not forget the importance the state of Iowa plays in American Presidential primary process. Being the first poll, each politician courts the state months or even years in advance. A few will skip the state, but most will make sure they do not vote against anything the voters there will be concerned with, and that includes corn.

Comment Re:Question for those who Blame Lifestyle (Score 2, Insightful) 477

The way your body handles food (burn/save) now is different than it will in ten years. Keep up the bad habits and most likely you will be overweight rather than under.

WebMD's article on testosterone is interesting. Basically, your testosterone levels peak at around 25 and decline gradually until death.

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