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Comment Re:What could go wrong? (Score 1) 161

Bush is a good guy

I can't agree with that. He may and probably is very easy to get along with, but enriching his cronies at the expense of the entire economy is just wrong. Bush is an oil man, gasoline prices more than quadrupled during his Presidency, and that was one of the biggest causes of the great recession. Another was slashing taxes on the rich. Starting a war with Iraq because Hussein threatened his dad was both stupid and evil.

Obama has not changed many of Bush's policies (which is why I didn't vote for him in the last election

I voted Green Party for the same reason, but if Illinois had been a swing state I'd have voted for Obama just to keep Mister "fuck the 99%" out of office. If the Republicans had run anyone worth voting for I'd have voted for him, but they haven't run a decent candidate since Eisenhower.

Comment Re:What could go wrong? (Score 1) 161

I'd hardly call Clinton a "model Christian", but it isn't up to me to judge him for his peccadillos. He probably is as good a Christian as me, I'm far from perfect even though I try (hell, I got seduced by a married woman last week). It seems that Christians make lousy Presidents; Carter seemed a good man, but he sucked as President. Of course, he didn't suck nearly as badly as Bush, who I don't think has a conscience.

Comment Re:Buy local honey (Score 1) 387

My beef isn't spelling, it's starting sentences with lower case. The only time spelling bothers me is when it changes the meaning of the sentence ("The bank should loose their money"), and when it's obvious that a comment is written by someone barely literate ("They're house is on fire").

I didn't even notice the misspellings, it was the look of "this long paragraph is a single sentence". Periods don't stand out, upper case letters do.

As for formatting, you probably had it set to "HTML" rather than "plain text".

Comment Re:Buy local honey (Score -1, Offtopic) 387

Sorry, but that wall of uncapitalized sentences is unreadable. Can someone translate that to written English for me?

That shift key is there for a reason. I don't struggle to read the newspaper and I'll be damned if I struggle to read a comment written by an alliterate.

If you think that was a misspelling or typo, google it.

Apologies to the moderators, but that crap annoys the hell out of me in a site supposedly for the educated.

Comment Re:Buy local honey (Score 5, Insightful) 387

You know, for an extra two bucks you can get almost a pound of Folgers or Maxwell House which perks pots and pots of coffee. His point is, if you're spending six bucks for a cup of something that costs pennies to make, bitching about an extra buck for quality honey is just stupid. Especially since that jar of honey will do you for months instead of hours.

If I were moderating you'd get a "funny".

It just struck me why people drive so stupid when I'm on my way to work -- they're racing to Starbucks, while I'm already well caffenated.

Comment Re:Buy local honey (Score 1) 387

When I saw this story it made me wonder why we're importing honey in the first place. I googled how much honey is produced in the US, the American Beekeepers Federation says US production is down 13%, bee colonies are down 7%, and prices are up. The grocery store is probably importing Chinese honey because slave labor is cheap (by "slave labor" I mean wage slaves). Plus, do you check the label on the honey? I haven't bought honey in like forever, but it may well be that the label's fine print says something like "water, sugar, and syrup added". Who reads labels?

Personally, since I'm not impoverished I'd rather pay extra for domestically made (locally is even better). You're talking what, a buck or two? Saving a dollar on a jar of honey then spend as much at McDonalds for a quarter pounder with cheese and fries when a dozen raw hamburger patties, a loaf of bread, and a big bag of potatoes costs the same, and takes less time to cook than waiting in line at a fast food joint. It's insane to my mind.

Help your local economy, not some uber-rich multinational corporation.

Submission + - New Residential Projects in sonepat (

kuldeepfrist writes: Property ready to move at a prime location provides by Ansal API Sunshine County, it has all the living facilities required by the modern cociety, this project is being developed in 12 acres and has 17 towers and in each tower and 12 floor with high class facilities, it is situated in the Kundli in Sonipat.

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