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Comment Re:Holy Crap!!! (Score 1) 187

I'm guessing you're either young and childless or, like me, got lucky. Both of my kids turned out fine, but I know guys with sons, where one son is hard working, literate, successful and another who is a lazy, uninterested, aliterate alcoholic drug abuser.

I also know some people my kids' ages who had terrible parents but turned into good, productive members of society.

Comment Re:Smart and Unemployed (Score 2) 187

How to be rich is in the public domain, the link is to free ebook versions. If you're going to buy a book, buy mine -- I'm still alive and can use the money a lot more than the dead Mr. Ghetty! If you're poor or "thrifty" you can read mine for free, too.

Guys, before you post links to Amazon or B&N see if you can link the text itself. If the author's been dead for a hundred years, his work will be on the net. Surprisingly, some newer work is, as well. I've even found Asimov short stories online.

For instance, he advocated cooperating with labor unions (when have you ever heard a billionaire do that?).

Not since the 1980s when the head of a major, then non-union airline said "any company that gets a union deserves it," meaning that if you treat and pay your workers fairly, they won't form a union. Unions are for asshole bosses. If your workforce unionizes, you're probably a heartless sociopath.

Comment Re:England (Score 1) 470

I've always hated plastic bags, without worrying about environmental concerns. First, they're too damned small. With paper bags, a full grocery cart took four bags. Now it's fifteen or twenty little bags. Paper bags would stand up by themselves, plastic won't.

Bigger plastic bags, if you can actually get them, are good for lining the bathroom trash can but nothing else.

Bring back paper! It biodegrades quickly, suffres none of the disadvantages of plastic, doesn't harm wildlife... there is just too much plastic these days. How about we go back to cardboard boxes instead of the damned plastic packaging they have that you need a chainsaw and a jaws of life to get open, that won't biodegrade and takes up a lot more room in your trash can?

Honestly, is plastic that much cheaper than paper? I can see no other advantage to plastic.

Comment Re:Close but not quite (Score 1) 197

Taxes intended to fund things that are not included in the Constitution, and for purposes of social engineering like income redistribution, not so much.

What (besides the NSA and Gitmo and the TSA) are unconstitutionally funded? Do you consider food stamps to be income distribution? I see food stamps as a gift to McDonalds and WalMart, whose employees should have government protection against those who are unfairly exploiting them.

Minimum wage laws simply limit entry-level employment opportunities and disenfranchise new workers.

That's been a Republican canard for a long time, but the numbers show it's bullshit.

Same with the stupid meme that libertarians don't want to pay for police or firemen and want something resembling Somalia. Bullshit propaganda from authoritarians.

I have seen libertarians saying exactly that, that we don't need cops or firemen. I could have been a victim of Poe's Law, though.

Libertarians want the government to be restricted to what the Constitution allows it to do, and that's all. If you want a change, simply amend the Constitution.

Rational, reasonable, and I agree. Why did they need an amendment to outlaw alcohol but not other drugs?

Better ask the administration, because the ACA is forcing employers to drop full-time employees who were working up to 40 hours a week to now work less than 30 hours or face steep cost increases.

They were on food stamps before the ACA. As to cutting hours, that's a flaw in the ACA that should be remedied (and they should pass the law the house passed saying you can keep insurance you have).

Besides, "Walmart stock clerk" is not a career position that can support a family or even an individual alone at anything like a comfortable lifestyle, it's an entry-level position for new workers.

An entry level position certainly shouldn't afford a "comfortable lifestyle" but it should afford you enough that you don't need the government to help feed you.

An employer can only afford to pay an employee what the employee generates for the employer.

There are a lot of jobs that will garner no revenue at all, like janitors and repair personnel. There are also other costs of overhead that generate negative revenue. If you can't afford to hire someone, you simply don't hire him. If you can't afford to be in business you shouldn't be in business.

Comment Re:Jack Ruby? (Score 1) 5

So did I. It's one of the few things I saw at age 11 that's still vivid in my memory from that young age (hell, it was half a century ago). I was watching cartoons when a "news special" about moving Oswald came on. And even at age 11 something about it didn't seem right but I couldn't put my finger on it.

I'll bet more children than adults saw it live. The grownups were all in the dining room drinking coffee and chatting. They didn't believe me until the evening news came on.

Comment Re:Mail? (Score 1) 292

I can't agree. I agree that Outlook is the worst mail client I've ever used, but Yahoo webmail sucks worse. I got it over a decade ago to have a stable email address. I read my mail on the phone because Yahoo's interface won't let me read a lot of mail without side scrolling with every line on the computer. FAR worse than anything MS's client does. But I will be glad when I don't have to use Outlook next February when I retire (but more glad I'll be through with Access).

I should just install Thunderbird (but I should install kubuntu on the notebook, too).

Comment Re:Microsoft Outlook is like capitalism (Score 1) 292

The first five words were accurate. I've used a lot of different email clients and we're stuck with Outlook at work now. I fucking hate it. Of all the email clients I've used, IMO Outlook is the worst, PERIOD.

I miss the Novell client.

But it's still better than Yahoo webmail. Any dedicated email client is better than webmail.

Comment Re:Close but not quite (Score 1) 197

A state has a stupid regulation against self-service gas so all regulations are stupid? Logic fail.

The pure libertarian philosophy is simply that citizens should have unlimited autonomy so long as it doesn't infringe upon the autonomy of others

That is true and a philosophy that I subscribe to. However, the libertarians think that somehow paying taxes is against liberty, making regulations against fouling my air and water is against liberty, laws mandating that you don't pay starvation wages are against liberty, that regulations against unsafe workplaces is against liberty. Libertarians want the liberty to fuck me over.

Near slavery via economic means doesn't pass that litmus test

Hyperbole much? The government's not doing that, libertarian business owners are. You think those people working at WalMart should have to have a food drive to be fed? They're walMart's wage slaves. I, personally, will be delivered from slavery next February when I retire.

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