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Comment Re:news media has lost interest? (Score 4, Insightful) 513

As I write this, I don't see a single mention on of this story.

As if CNN is the only news outlet.
In our opinion: Make the NSA accountable
NSA maps some Americans' social connections, says report
N.S.A. Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens

I first heard about it on Good Morning America this morning. It was an AP story. Getting your news from a single source isn't very smart.

Comment Re:People don't care because they're too stupid (Score 1, Informative) 513

They say "oh, that's terrible!" and that's the end of the discussion. While they may say it's terrible, they do absolutely nothing about it and just let it be

Yeah? What are YOU doing about it, AC? Some of us have the guts to put our real names out there and protest this (yes, McGrew is my real name). Who are you, coward?

The majority of American citizens voted for this behavior

Bullshit. If either one of the Demublican candidates for the last Presidential election had campaigned on the "we're going to spy on Americans" platform he'd have lost in a landslide.

Comment Re:He just sold a hell of a lot of pasta (Score 1) 456

Every human being on earth exhibits some sort of deviant behavior. A rich man giving half of his fortune away to charity is deviant behavior. It isn't a moral judgement, it's simply an observation.

Hating someone for their sexual orientation is deviant behavior, and I personally find bigotry reprehensible. I feel sorry for gays because of the bigotry they have to put up with.

A woman I knew once said to me that she wished she wasn't a lesbian because she didn't want t go to hell; her preacher had just preached an anti-gay sermon. I pointed out to her that that bigoted preacher's sermon was sinful and hypocritical; we're all sinners. I guess he forgot what Christ died for.

I suggested she find another church. This sort of bullshit is why I feel sorry for gays. They don't deserve to be treated like that, nobody does.

"Everybody's got to deviate from the norm" -- Rush (the band)

Comment Re:Say what you will about Martha Stewart: ... (Score 1) 150

It was a non crime in the sense that she didn't do it.

Neither one of us were there. A jury convicted her, who are we to second guess? But I do agree that there are a lot of bullshit charges; my best friend's brother and half of his high school graduating class spent five years in prison on a bullshit charge.

His "crime"? Loaning money to a former classmate who happened to be a dope dealer. The charge was "conspiracy to distribute cocaine." Mike's brother wasn't a dope dealer and never touched the stuff, he was a truck mechanic with a good paying job.

The dope dealer had gotten busted, and helped bust as many INNOCENT people as possible for a lighter sentence. The innocents all spent 5 years in federal prison, the dope dealer spent two. And it wasn't a county club prison like Stewart went to.

Innocent men have been executed for murder because of crooked cops and prosecutors. So you can see why I have little sympathy for her.

Comment Re:On the plus side... (Score -1, Flamebait) 261

Mcgrew is a known troll

Then why do I have over 400 fans, including some slashdot staff, and only 30 freaks? Why do I get +5s daily and very few downmods? Why does achievements show you at 29 and me at 45? Why do I have twice as many +5s as you? I'm a respected member of the slashdot community, boy. Fuck off, you're the troll, dipshit.

Sorry, son, but you seem to be a bit delusional. 486 Euros is over $600 USD. Arithmetic fail?

Shove your flamebait up your ass, freak.

Comment Re:Framed, because they had to get her for somethi (Score 1) 150

A lie in the moral sense of the term requires intent which is pretty difficult if not impossible to prove.

Sometimes, but the jury seemed to think she lied.

It's stupid to talk to a cop period.

Depending on circumstances, yes it is. I would have insisted on having my lawyer present.

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