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Comment Re:the phone is pure profit (Score 1) 206

Why in the world would anybody need POTS in the first place? And why would anybody pay $40 per month for it?

Also, the title is misleading -- TFA says he didn't have cable, only phone and internet. No cable, no cable bill, he had a phone/internet bill.

I don't have cable, an antenna is good enough since TV went digital. I'm paying $40 for unlimited everything on my Android, $46 for DSL (unfortunately that's the cheapest internet available here, cable internet is almost twice DSL and since I live alone, DSL suffices nicely).

Comment Re: Truly (Score 1) 99

I think that what one ought to imagine here is something like a smith who doesn't own his tools, but has access to tools which he does not control

That's a terrible analogy. Like a programmer, a smith can make his own tools. A carpenter would have been a far better analogy.

Submission + - Using Handheld Phone GPS While Driving Is Legal In California (

jfruh writes: Steven R. Spriggs was ticketed and fined $165 for violating California's law on cell phone use while operating a motor vehicle, which states that you can only use a phone while driving if you have a hands-free device. But he appealed the judgement, arguing that the law only applied to actually talking on the phone, whereas he had been caught checking his GPS app. Now an appeals court has agreed with him. The law in question was enacted in 2006, before the smartphone boom.

Submission + - Lessig Wins Fair Use Case (

just_another_sean writes: An Australian record label that threatened to sue one of the world's most famous copyright attorneys for infringement has reached a settlement with him.

The settlement includes an admission that Lawrence Lessig, a Harvard Law School professor, had the right to use a song by the band Phoenix.

Comment Sorry... I'm in a good mood. (Score 1) 4

Beta was just the straw that broke the camel's back, what you're talking about has been bothering me and others for quite some time. Apparently, Ars covered it but I can't find the link.

Try Soylent News. It's full of folks tired of /.'s direction. I'm staying at /. at least for a while, but S/N is refreshing. I'm posting my journals there before here, they can use it and Dice doesn't need it.

Oh, but the REAL reason I'm in such a good mood is someone owed me a shitload of money and paid me back in reefer and I'M RETIRING! Tomorrow is my last day of wage slavery!

Comment Re:First blacks, (Score 1) 917

First, I don't understand the religious aspect. Whose freedom of religion are they trying to protect, Islam? Because Christians are forbidden from judging others, and ordered to love everyone. Neither Jesus nor Bhudda would agree with this law.

Second, why are you bashing the US rather than Russia or Uganda, where you can go to prison for life for being gay?

Third, WTF is this doing on "news for nerds?" The fact that a tech company, Apple, joined the NFL and a lot of other anti-nerd groups in opposing this does not make it "news for nerds". News for gays, news for bigots, news for Arizonans, yeah, but not "news for nerds".

Having stories like this on slashdot is worse than Beta, they're trying to attract a "wider audience" which means bringing in even more greengrocers and other aliterates (if you think that is a misspelling, you may be an aliterate!). This attracts all those n00bs who say "Nasa is a waste of taxpayer dollars" and "global warming is a hoax" and "they spent my tax money studying THAT??"

In short, they're attracting the folks I come here to escape from. I get enough non-nerd ignorance IRL.

Comment Re:None of the above (Score 1) 293

Well, that's the thing. They're honestly going to have a college class about fortune telling? What's next, tarot and tea leaves? Futurism is bunk! Nobody seriously envisioned the internet, althogh Asimov had written about "mltivac" and Murray Leinster came damned close to predicting it in 1946, although his PCs were "logics", servers were "tanks", and his internet was heavily censored (in fact, the story revolved around how horrible it would be if a bug in a program overcame the censorship).

Nobody but Roddenberry foresaw cell phones. Nobody I heard of foresaw the end of the analog era. And more telling, the only ones who even came close weren't futurists, but fiction writers. The "futurists" have been wrong every single time. Flying cars? Disney's "home of tomorrow"? The "singularity"? Fusion power? Wrong every single time.

Yet you want to teach a class on it? Amazing.

Comment Re: Because people already have E-mail addresses? (Score 4, Insightful) 149

Gmail took off because its interface was so much better than anyone else's webmail. I got my present webmail address when I kept losing my address when changing ISPs. Since I can use Thunderbird for a client for it, why in thw world would I want to change it? Especially since there's not only no compelling reason to, there's no reason to at all.

Comment Re:Architecturally Insecure (Score 1) 116

Oh, how the mighty slashdot has fallen, when a logged in slashdotter makes the insightful comment that Windows was never designed with security in mind. Although they did better with Vista and 7 than previous OSes it's still the most insecure OS I know of.

Yet he gets modded -1 troll for a factual comment. Do we have more shills than real users? Or are anti-MS comments being modded down by editors on orders of Dice because Microsoft is advertising here?

Either way, it saddens me.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Coming soon: The Paxil Diaries 3

Ten years ago K5 was thriving, and my diaries got popular there. Folks wanted me to make a book out of them, and I promised I would.

I never got around to it, despite people periodically nagging me to. I finally did put together a PDF. I'd excised much of it, thinking it was too long, and emailed copies to those who asked.

Last Fall when I released the hardcover of Nobots I was again chided to get The Paxil Diaries on cellulose.

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