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Comment Re:TV? You mean, single-use device? (Score 1) 418

God, I look forward to the day when the Baby Boomer dinosaurs retard no more social progress for the entire world with their ineptitude and irrelevancy

Nice flamebait, asshole. I'm 61 and you have a hell of a lot to learn, kid. I see there are a lot of snot-nosed kids with mod points today; "insightful" my ass. More like clueless. TVs aren't going away any time soon, and you'll always need a display device, which is what a TV is, a display device with a radio receiver. I use my TV as a forty inch monitor for my kubuntu computer, you dumb kid. Oh, and I can watch TV on it, too.

PCs aren't going away any time soon, either. They won't be in many homes for long as tablets suffice for most, but you're going to need them in offices for the foreseeable future unless you want to go back to the dinosaur days of mainframes and dumb terminals.

You do realize there's a new-fangled thing called an "HDMI port" on your TV, don't you?

What I want to know is why I can't pick up over the air TV on my Android phone? It has radios, a 720p display, and sound circuitry. For it to double as a TV receiver all it would take would be a capacitor or two to tune to OTA signals and a little programming.

Wait -- you're that kid the Onion covered!! Guess what, kid, my 26 year old daughter watches TV when she's not working or at school or studying (which, granted, isn't often).

why would I throw hundreds of dollars into a purchase which can only do one thing (READ: HDTVs), and that only after I have thrown away hundreds of dollars more on a service (READ: cable TV), that I don't need or want?

I have no idea why people pay for cable. Yeah, back in the early '80s it was a good deal, lots of extra ad-free channels and HBO for ten bucks. But the price has skyrocketed and they show ads while the show is on, IMO spending money on cable is stupid, especially since the switch to digital we have twice as many OTA channels than we did with analog and the picture's as sharp as cable. So what you get 200+ channels when there are maybe a dozen (no more than OTA) that don't suck? I mean, why in the hell should I have to pay for the Golf Channel, BET, cooking channels, women's programming and two hundred more channels I have no intention of ever watching?

Cable used to be good. Discovery channel had science, History channel had history, empty-v had music videos. No commercials on the cable channels and no snow or other analog distortions (few, anyway). Now Discovery has Trick My Truck, History Channel has ghosts and the occult, and empty-V has the same stupid reality shows you get OTA and no videos, which you no longer need because I can watch any video I want on YouTube (on the TV, of course; I'm a nerd. I can actually use things for stuff they weren't designed for).

Congratulations on the +5 for a really stupid comment (although it's been modded back down by less juvenile, more intelligent moderators). And yes, I'll have fries with that, kid. Now get off my slashdot.

Comment Re:Links ! (Score 2) 242

From your link:

âoe[Johanssen] will probably be repeating the experiment in controlled, professional, scientific environments,â said Horsevad. âoeOne would therefore generally be advised to await the results of his experiments before basing any important decisions on the outcome of the girlsâ(TM) experiment.â

Comment Re:Now.. (Score 4, Insightful) 321

haswell makes full windows with 100% backwards compatibility in a tablet device a desirable thing. Everything from photoshop to your VB app written a decade ago that you no longer have the developers or source code or funding to rewrite is now viable on a windows tablet device.

I don't think anyone is going to use a tablet for Microsoft Office. A tablet screen is way too small for Photoshop or a CAD program, and nobody's going to waste a $1000 license (Photoshop) on a tablet. The only thing a tablet is good for is media consumption, and what programs does Microsoft have for that that isn't already out there, usually for free and superior to Microsoft's?

Comment Re:Free Market? LoL (Score 1) 688

The problem here is Texas politics

No different than Illinois politics. Except, of course, that both of our previous Governors, one Democrat and one Republican, went to prison after office. The last Governor is still incarcerated.

But I know bar owners here in the capital city, you think selling cars is politically rough and dirty...

Submission + - US Income Distribution Worst Ever (

the eric conspiracy writes: In 2012 the highest earning 1% of the US population garnered 19.3% of the US total. This breaks the previous record set in 1928 at 18.7%. In the last three years, 95% of all income gains have gone to the richest 1%. Real income growth between for the top 1% was 86% between 1993 and 2000. For the remainder of the population earnings rose 6.6%. The study also noted that the top 10% of US families had 50% of the total US income.

Income distribution usually worsens as a country first develops due to a shift from agriculture to urban living, then improves as the economy matures. This is known as the Kuznets curve. The current regression of income equity in the US suggests serious social policy failings.

Submission + - The NSA's next move: silencing university professors? ( 2

wabrandsma writes: From the Guardian:

A Johns Hopkins computer science professor blogs on the NSA and is asked to take it down.

A professor in the computer science department at Johns Hopkins, a leading American university, had written a post on his blog, hosted on the university's servers, focused on his area of expertise, which is cryptography. The post was highly critical of the government, specifically the National Security Agency, whose reckless behavior in attacking online security astonished him.

On Monday, he gets a note from the acting dean of the engineering school asking him to take the post down and stop using the NSA logo as clip art in his posts. The email also informs him that if he resists he will need a lawyer.

Why would an academic dean cave under pressure and send the takedown request without careful review, which would have easily discovered, for example, that the classified documents to which the blog post linked were widely available in the public domain?

Submission + - Spider Silk Turned Into Electrical Wire Lead To 'Green' Electronics

ewolfson writes: Florida State University scientists have crafted microscopic wires out of spider silk that can conduct electricity.

The goal is to create new electronics that are as tough as they are eco-friendly. Spider silk is supposedly as strong as steel and as "impenetrable as Kevlar" — but now it can also conduct electricity. To give the spider silk this effect, the scientists coated each silk thread with carbon nanotubes.

The results are super strong conductors that are also fully biodegradable.

Comment Re: Overzealous and incorrect "whom"-ing (Score 1) 222

Never use 'whom'. Simple rule that guarantees correct American English.

You and the guy who modded your offtopic, incorrect comment "insightful" should sue your educators for malpractice. "Who" vs "Whom" is simple: he who, him whom.

"Who did you get that from?"
"From whom did you get that?"

"From who did you get that" is NOT correct English in any English speaking country. Note that written English "ain't nothin' like talkin'".

Comment Re:Idiots are against Golden Rice (Score 1) 400

Wow, where to begin...

We tinkered around with our food system and 2/3 of the population is over-weight and 1/3 is obese. We suffer from heart disease, diabetes and related problems in epidemic proportions.

You think it's GM food that's making everyone fat?? What's making everyone fat is part chemistry (plastics) and other environmental changes (I'm 61, I never saw a single man with moobs when I was a kid no matter how fat he was) but mostly increased caloric intake. When I was a kid a small soda was 8 oz, medium 12, and large 16. Now a small is 20 oz. There were no half pound hamburgers. Restaurants didn't give you double portions of everything like they do now.

Maybe the solution isn't genetically modifying rice but something simpler as finding the right vegetables to grow alongside the rice that supplies the missing vitamin.

You might want to read some earlier comments; it isn't feasible.

Plus, vitamin A in excess is toxic and causes liver damage. Maybe we fix childhood blindness but instead give teenage cirrhosis.

You don't get vitamin A from food, you get beta carotine which the body converts to vitamin A, and your body will only produce as much as needed. You can only get too much vitamin A by taking artificial supplements or eating food that has vitamin A artificially introduced (breakfast cereal, drinks, etc).

Just because we can genetically modify plants doesn't mean we should go around looking for problems to solve with it

You don't have to look hard to see what vitamin A deficiency is doing to people in the third world.

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