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Submission + - Angry entrepreneur replies to patent troll with racketeering lawsuit (arstechnica.com)

kintamanimatt writes: Patent trolls are legal. Can one be nailed for extortion? One man is betting yes.

"There's a lot of outrageous stories, but everyone's so damn afraid of coming forward—It's like going against the Mafia," he said. But the idea that trolls may retaliate against those who speak out is overblown, he thinks. "If they want to try to teach me a lesson, go for it. This will be my retirement. I'll fight them."

The patent troll's attorney also made the claim that calling someone a "patent troll" was actually a "hate crime" under “Ninth Circuit precedent" and threatened to file criminal charges—unless they settled the civil case immediately, apologized, and gave financial compensation to the troll. The offer was "good until close of business that day."

Comment Re:Plasmonic nanostructures (Score 3, Informative) 107

But that's not all the article said; it isn't just more surface area, but with plasmonics tuned so that electrical resistance is lower and the maximum number of electrons can get knocked loose by a photon.

Don't expect a physics class in a magazine article, but for someone not in the field wikipedia will do. I looked up plasmonics before reading the article and it made the article a lot more informative.

Comment Re:Reminder (Score 1) 11

Thanks, I've been running kubuntu on the old tower for a few years, switched from Mandriva when I heard rumors (which weren't true) that it was dying.

I'll look at the Lo link, thanks.

Comment Re:Hey NSA.... (Score 1) 314

There's a coded inscription outside CIA HQ that they haven't been able to crack, that may be the inscription. You can't crack this, either:

jkskJJou jn 7yF!0 GGorbmal

It's uncrackable because it's gibberish. Here's an easy one:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 30 (3)20-31

That actually says "IF TIME WERE SUDDENLY TO TURN back to 1919, you would hardly know that you are not in the nineteen-thirties"

All you need to know to crack it is the title and chapter of a book.

Comment Re:Phasing out non-digital transactions (Score 1) 314

Considering that most things cost ten times as much as they did fifty years ago (a new VW bug was $900 in 1964, a McBurger, fries, and small coke was thirty two cents, a gallon of gas was a quarter, a candy bar was a nickle) a dime is now equivalent to what a penny was then.

The government doesn't issue checks down here, either. I still pay my bills with checks, almost everything else is cash.

Comment Re:News? (Score 4, Informative) 314

Googling certain items results in a visit from the FBI.

The one time I read of that happening it was on a work computer, the IT staff saw it and called the FBI. He googled for a backpack for hiking, his wife googled for a pressure cooker for cooking, and as it was right after the Boston bombing. It wasn't the NSA, it was his employer spying on him.

Comment Re:this has me wondering (Score 4, Insightful) 151

What I got is that there's only two kinds of people in a shipwreck, those who can make decisions for themselves, and those who are at substantial risk of dying while they wait for someone else to make decisions for them. I watched a documentary on the incident and many people were just sitting around waiting for someone to save them.

Actually four kinds of people: those too dumb to leave when they're in actual danger, those smart enough to get out of danger, those smart enough to know they're not in danger and wait for rescue, and those stupid enough to have the mindset "do something, anything, even if it's wrong." HHGTG is right: Don't panic. Nothing is more dangerous than panic.

Whether to wait or act depends on the situation.

Comment Re:this has me wondering (Score 4, Informative) 151

I don't know why you used a shortened link, but I hit it despite the possibility it might be goatse. Here's where that link takes you: https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=Alang,+Gujarat,+India&hl=en&ll=21.401534,72.199316&spn=0.023614,0.027723&geocode=+&hnear=Alang,+Bhavnagar,+Gujarat,+India&t=h&z=15

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