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Comment Re:False positive gallery (Score 1) 293

I miss gaming, I used to be really into it (see my sig, I ran what it's linking to every December on my Quake site) but the game companies themselves ran me off with their DRM, always have to be connected, can't resell, and all the rest of their stupid bullshit.

So now I guess I should thank Epic and all the rest for sucking so much, That's one place the NSA won't be spying on me!

I keep thinking of the movie Brazil.

Comment Re:iPad (Score 2) 370

Congratulations on your statistics-defying eyesight

Age-related presbyopia is easily remedied with cheap reading glasses. If you're also nearsighted and don't wear contacts you can just take your glasses off to read. If he had cataract surgery and the surgeon used a CrystaLens (more expensive than a standard IOL) he can probably see better than a kid.

Comment Re:Smart Quotes (Score 1) 8

What I'd planned to do (which obviously didn't work) was to replace all quotes with end quotes, then replace all quotes preceeded by a space with a start quote. Easy, simple, but...

User Journal

Journal Journal: Nobots Chapter Ten 8

Online now.

Not a whole lot has been happening. I took Wednesday off because they forecasted sixty degrees, probably the last time I'll see weather that warm before I retire.

Submission + - Facebook Patents Inferring Income of Users 2

theodp writes: Among the patents granted to Facebook this week by the USPTO is one for Inferring Household Income for Users of a Social Networking System. "For example," Facebook explains, "an assumption might be made about a user that reads and every day that the user is in a higher income bracket than another user that only reads and on the theory that a user who reads newspapers might be assumed to make more money than a user who only reads celebrity gossip blogs." Advertisements such as those for travel packages, cars, and home mortgages, Facebook adds, "are targeted to users based on income bracket," which might also be inferred by "gathering and analyzing different types of information about a user's geographic location." Hey, what could go wrong?

Comment Re:It's a doomed race against time (Score 1) 370

noun \ËkÃn-ËOEvÉ(TM)rs\
Definition of CONVERSE
: something reversed in order, relation, or action: as
a : a theorem formed by interchanging the hypothesis and conclusion of a given theorem
b : a proposition obtained by interchange of the subject and predicate of a given proposition
Origin of CONVERSE
Latin conversus, past participle of convertere
First Known Use: 1570

Comment Re:It's a doomed race against time (Score 1) 370

Really good mikes cost a lot of money.

Those mikes are owned by the recording studio. That two grand is half recording, half pressing and packaging. There are half a dozen here in Springfield, friends of mine have used them.

Deutsche Gramophone worked with Yamaha to make a recording system capable of getting a 144db dynamic range.

CDs are limited to a 90 db, making that kind of pointless. LPs are limited to 60 db but oddly I have several LPs with more dynamics than their CD counterpart. But the point is, we're not talking about classical music with a 72 piece orchestra, we're talking about what's on the radio worldwide.

But of course, if one listens only on crap earbuds or a crap car stereo, then who cares, right?

You do realize that we're talking about streamed MP3s, don't you?

I still think streaming is for suckers. You pay for something that can be arbitrarily taken away by the "content owner" at their whim.

Paid streaming? I agree with that. But then, I don't have cable, either, the antenna works fine. If I'm buying music I want it on media; if you don't have the media you don't own anything.

Comment Re:Mandela has died (Score 1) 138

I'm American but the British are right (about this). Punctuation punctuates, where you put it shows what you're punctuating. If it's a quotation within a sentence, and the punctuation is the sentences' punctuation, the punctuation goes outside. He didn't understand the word "outside". If the phrase within the sentence is what's punctuated, the punctuation goes inside the quote. "Peter is a jerk," he said. "And what a jerk!"

Comment Re:The article is FUD (Score 1) 370

First, it hasn't yet been "a hundred years or more." As Frederick Lewis Allen says in Only Yesterday (written in 1932)

One thing the Smiths certainly will not do this evening [in 1919]. They will not listen to the radio.

For there is no such thing as radio broadcasting. Here and there a mechanically inclined boy has a wireless set, with which, if he knows the Morse code, he may listen to messages from ships at sea and from land stations equipped with sending apparatus. The radiophone has been so far developed that men flying in an airplane over Manhattan have talked with other men in an office-building below. But the broadcasting of speeches and music-well, it was tried years ago by DeForest, and "nothing came of it." Not until the spring of 1920 will Frank Conrad of the Westinghouse Company of East Pittsburgh, who has been sending out phonograph music and baseball scores from the barn which he has rigged up as a spare-time research station, find that so many amateur wireless operators are listening to them that a Pittsburgh newspaper has had the bright idea of advertising radio equipment "which may be used by those who listen to Dr. Conrad's programs." And not until this advertisement appears will the Westinghouse officials decide to open the first broadcasting station in history in order to stimulate the sale of their supplies.

Secondly, radio is forced to pay a whole lot less than internet, and until fairly recently didn't pay at all. In fact, in the 1950s there was a scandal called "payola" where labels would bribe disk jockeys to play their music. Rather than being paid to be heard, they were paying to be heard.

The only way you can monetize internet radio is to have low enough streaming fees, or high enough advertising costs. You can't stay in business unless you can generate more than your expenditures. The law was crafted to kill internet radio -- but the internet is international. You can always stream from another country.

Comment Re:Strawman (Score 1) 306 a few buttons, review your history, and select from any one of the thousands of laws available to prosecute you -- most of which are victimless crimes (crimes against the state), not crimes against other individuals.

So tell me, what are these mystery crimes I commit every day?

Comment Re:Next time.. (Score 1) 306

Details? Like how they want to get rid of the EPA, OSHA, the FCC, the FAA, the FTC, the IRS? The very agencies that protect you from the corporate jackals?

I didn't need a memo, it seems pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain just from listening to them talk on TV.

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