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Comment Re:I'll disprove this theory (Score 1) 115

There, you'll hit at least +4 now -- and disprove the theory. If there's one thing I've learned on slashdot, it's that everyone I disagree with gets atleast a +1 bump based simply on unmitigated fanboy hatred of my wonton slaughter of their sacred cows.

Lady, take it from me... don't post drunk.

Comment Re:Brain dump summary (Score 1) 115

Is it just me, or has there recently been a rash of poorly-edited summaries that have been nothing more than a brain dump of the submitter?

Uh, RECENTLY??? You just now noticed?

Like dupes, it used to happen occasionally, but now it's at least once or twice a day.

You just went through rehab, didn't you? It's always been like that. You just didn't notice.

Comment Re:Slashdot members knows this (Score 4, Insightful) 115

Funny, I was modbombed just last week and my karma's still excellent. Oh, and we're offtopic here... oh, wait, the subjct is manipulating online opinions. I guess we're not offtopic after all.

But that's how we'll be modded just because I used the word "offtopic." Slashdot may be "news for nerds" but a few with limited reasoning abilities still get mod points. Put the word "insightful" somewhere in your post and expect a +5.

Don't people suck?

Comment Re:Newsworthy? (Score 5, Insightful) 102

Sheesh, you kids...

The problem is it's too cloudy today. Half a bajillion people trying to play on one server and it won't work?

Back in the day when we were playing Quake we ran our own servers, and QuakeSpy (later GameSpy) made it easy to find and connect.

But back then we actually BOUGHT games rather than renting them. DRM killed gaming for me (and company servers are indeed DRM).

I miss it. The corporofacists ruined it for me.

Comment Re:What a self serving twat (Score 1) 281

It wouldn't have if it was some random site, but it was Popular Science, which I'm sure some slashdotters posted at. I'm sure those folks might like to discuss it.

As for those who are upset about its messageboard shutting down, I suggest that if they see a story there they would like to discuss that they submit it to slashdot. If it isn't accepted, put it in your slashdot journal.

Most folks who come here like science.

Comment Re:Ridiculous stunt (Score 1) 565

Not only is it true

But it isn't. An antenna doesn't suck energy out of the air; an antenna is a passive device. It isn't like wifi or cell communications which have transmitters. The cable company pays the local stations for thier signals because retransmitting the signal is copyright infringement.

It costs the cable company nothing for you to get free cable. It's not theft, it's copyright infringement.

It doesn't cost the barber anything to give you a free haircut, either, and haircuts are no more necessary than cable (not at all). Walk out without paying for that haircut and the barber can and probably will have you arrested for theft of service. It isn't copyright infringement, to infringe copyright you have to supply the copyrighted work, not consume it. If I email you a Metallica song you haven't infringed copyright no matter how many times you listen -- I have.

I wouldn't pay for the wire to come into my house anyway.

Neither will I, which is why I use an antenna.

Comment Re:Thus providing another example of scientific er (Score 1) 63

It's good to see you in a biology thread ;)

The Tree of Knowledge is an apple tree.

No, it was not. Adam and Eve were thrown out of Eden to keep them away from the tree of life, they weren't supposed to eat from either that or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (NOT the "tree of knowledge") that they had taken a bite from. The two trees were as complimentary as a yin to a yang; the knowledge of good and evil is the knowledge of pain and death. So you had the tree of life and the tree of death, and last time I saw, Apples weren't poisonous.

Comment Re:They've got money to burn (Score 1) 225

Dude, i am as pissed about what the baby boomers have done to this nation as any other person not in that generation

"The older generation had certainly pretty well ruined this world before passing it on to us," wrote one of them (John F. Carter in the Atlantic Monthly, September, 1920), expressing accurately the sentiments of innumerable contemporaries. "They give us this thing, knocked to pieces, leaky, red-hot, threatening to blow up; and then they are surprised that we don't accept it with the same attitude of pretty, decorous enthusiasm with which they received it, way back in the 'eighties."

F.L. Allen, Only Yesterday, chapter V (1931)

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