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Comment Re:Characters are created to suffer (Score 2) 245

Plus, the idea of robots with emotions is a stupid idea, as the late Douglas Adams so hilariously lampooned in HHGTG. When it's robots it's machines. You're not supposed to take it seriously, and emotional machines reminds you of this. They're androids, not replicants.

Don't anthropomorphize machines, they hate it when you do that.

Submission + - Cancer Ray terrorist plot foiled ( 2

gurps_npc writes: Two radical pro-Israel terrorists were caught in upstate NY when they tried to solicit money from various honorable Jewish organizations to build a truck based x-ray machine. They intended to drive the truck around and then turn on the x-ray machine, focusing on enemies of Israel.

But the Jewish organizations they tried to solicit money from refused to participate. Instead they called the FBI, who promptly set up a sting.

They caught and arrested the terrorists before the machine was in working order.

Submission + - Why Naked Mole Rats Don't Get Cancer (

sciencehabit writes: Although they are quite ugly and confined to a life underground, naked mole rats have at least one attribute that other animals, even humans, might aspire to: They don't get cancer. Now, researchers have discovered that the secret to this rodent's good health is a complex sugar that helps keeps cells from clumping together and forming tumors. The sugar--hyaluronan--is used in skin lotions and antiarthritis treatments, and the mole rat version seems to have evolved to make the animal's skin more elastic and able to cope with the tight squeeze of the narrow underground tunnels it lives in. One day, it may even help combat cancer in humans.

Comment Re:democratic elections (Score 1) 406

Not voting is also a vote. When there is no real difference between the candidates offered, how do you protest?

Everyone I know who doesn't vote says this. Corporate media says it's apathy, so your vote doesn't count! You're voting for the status quo. And corporate media says that a vote for a third party candidate is a wasted vote.

You, or if not you then some of your friends or family smoke marijuana. Voting for someone who wants your cousin jailed for growing a plant is far worse than a wasted vote, and the Republicans and Democrats are both prohibitionist parties. If you're conservative, vote Libertarian. If you;re liberal than vote Green. Liberal and Green are votes for "none of the above". Not going to the polls means you're fine with how things are.

"If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice" -- Rush.

Careful, there are a few right wing loonies around here. You should point out that the quote was from the Canadian band Rush's lyrics. Or put on your asbestos suit.

Comment Re:Wow, just wow. (Score 2) 406

Even though neither moderation or editing what shows up on your own site is censorship, I agree completely, that's how you should moderate and is how I moderate. After all, "overrated" is just a polite way of saying "-1, brain-dead stupid" when it doesn't mean "not bad but it doesn't deserve a +4."

I don't care what people do on the websites they own. If there are too many trolls and not enough reasoned discussion I leave. If it looks like they're editing, I'll leave. If the site annoys me, I leave.

As to goatse, I don't follow shortened URLs any more.

The AC above said I should browse at -1, why? I've seen few comments at -1 that are worth seeing. If I want to read one, I can. But even as fast as I read I can't finish the internet and it's senseless to browse at -1 unless I'm moderating.

Comment Re:Wow, just wow. (Score -1, Troll) 406

Really? How about the idea that having a bunch of lame-ass mooches, trolls, and flamers causing nothing but drama increases the stress level of developers and causes them to abandon projects entirely?

And that excuses censorship? Pretty damned cowardly, if you ask me. Stress levels is an excuse for censorship?

The projects don't complete or get kicked way back on deadline waiting for someone else to pick them up, learn the code, learn to extend it, and finish it off. If they ever do, since those same lame-ass trolls and flamers are waiting to pounce again.

That's just pathetic. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Nobody's irreplaceable. If it gets behind schedule it gets behind schedule. Nobody's life is on the line here.

OR, the lame-ass trolls need to grow up.

Yes, they should. They annoy me, too. Let me know if you ever figure out a way to make that happen.

Look, I get it. You're 14, you live in your parents' basement, and to you swearing is only nominally less exciting than a furtive glimpse at a pair of tits. You think it makes you sound grown up.

I'm 61 years old. I was in South East Asia in the USAF at the end of the Vietnam war. Your reading comprehension isn't too good, did you miss the part where I ran a popular Quake site from my crib, since according to you I was an infant? Do you realize how stupid that makes you look?

But there's a right way and a wrong way to phrase things, a right way and a wrong way to handle conflict, and a right and wrong way to deal with drama.

When someone advocates censorship, the only rational response is FUCK OFF AND DIE. That's exactly what profanity is for, to demonstrate beyond all doubt that this kind of shit pisses you off. The fact that an open source guy advocates censorship pisses me off. It wouldn't have bothered me if it had come from a Microsoft or Apple employee, I'd have thought it was hilarious.

I ran self-censorship when I had that web site, until the very end when some of the same crap spewed from an opinion on one of the bigger sites saying the same as this. I thought "wait a minute, this isn't a children's site." There was vulgarity afterwords, albeit in moderation. The same when I started my /. account (a fourteen year old with a five digit UID?), although I didn't comment much. Same with K5 before it died some time after I left.

You would not like my journals, the characters are "colorful" for lack of a better word.

"I don't like censorship, darn it" just doesn't cut it. Even FUCK CENSORSHIP AND THE HORSE IT RODE IN ON is too mild.

Hell, the reason I never made the jump to using Linux on the desktop was my own experiences trying to set up a Mythbox in my living room; because I didn't have the exact hardware that one of the developers had, asked for some help, got shouted at "RTFM you fucking loser" over and over again when the documentation was crap and had no relevance to the situation I was asking about... screw it.

I've heard that story before, but never experienced it myself when I was learning Linux at the turn of the century. Maybe things have changed since then, but obviously people shouldn't act like that. I don't like what they do and wonder if maybe they're really enemies of open source (MS shills; MS hates "open sores" and called it a cancer), but everyone has the right to be a jerk, and nobody has a right to not be offended.

Comment Re:It's PR (Score 1) 163

For fucks' sake, guys, do you two work for Apple or Microsoft? Every big corporation is evil, but when they do good is not the time to bash them, no matter what their real motives are.

If you don't work for Apple or MS, grow the fuck up. Sheesh. Dumb kids... the enemy of my enemy is my friend. If they're not against you they're for you.

Comment Wow, just wow. (Score 0, Troll) 406

I read it. Pretty lame, and I've been using KDE for ten years (skipped 4, it sucked). There wasn't one rational reason stated why censorship is a good thing, just WAAH!! OMG, TROLLS AND FLAMERS!

I can't agree with a single thing he said in the article. If you get even the tiniest bit of recognition you're going to have that. From 1998 to 2002 I had a fairly popular Quake site that was popular enough that every mega site wanted to host me. Yeah, I got hate mail, but not much, and so fucking what anyway? 95% of the mail was YOU ROCK, DUDE!!

This guy needs to grow up and grow a pair. Haters don't hurt open source, and BTW, I HATE GNOME!

Comment There is no dark side of the moon (Score 1) 7

As a matter of fact, it's all dark.

Information Security? Privacy? Firewalls? Secure Internet Connections? ISS? Passwords? Hackers? Encryption? White House, for God's sake?? MSNBC, bet, AOL, AOL TOS, CIS? JAVA, Active X?? Tools????? Sheesh, everybody on slashdot is a terrorist, I guess.

Steve Case? Just googled, I wonder why the NSA is so paranoid about AOL, are they Iranian spooks or something?

I just emailed the list to Patty, I wonder if I'll see black helicopters now?

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