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Journal Journal: The third time wasn't a charm.

I've hardly logged on to the internet at all this past week, too busy correcting a mistake software houses frequently do: Trying to rush a project out the door. The fact is, I'm tired of The Paxil Diaries, but I don't want to ship a flawed piece of crap.

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Journal Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Fourteen

As I was floating back to the pilot room, Tammy was waiting outside her quarters, hanging from the doorway with one hand. "Is Destiny OK?" she said with a worried tone.

"She will be," I said. "A little anoxia." They'd warned us about anoxia in Captain's training and I'd seen it before. "She's in the infirmary getting oxygen. You can see her if you want but she was still unconscious when the robot took her."

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Journal Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Thirteen

The cargo hold door was open. That wasn't right, that door should always be closed. I went in, scared to death about Destiny, straight for the airlock.

The outside hatch of the airlock was open, which meant somebody was outside the boat. That relieved me a little, I'd worried one of the whores had thrown her out the airlock without a suit. But the open hatch said that thankfully hadn't happened

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Journal Journal: Progress update

I've been a little busy this week, too busy to spend much time soylenting. I've only written about three more paragraphs of Mars, Ho!; I've been working on Nobots and The Paxil Diaries. The Paxil Diaries was waiting on my porch when I got home from Patty's Tuesday evening, and boy was it a mess. I've mostly been working on it. It's funny how much easier it is for me to notice mistakes on paper I miss on screen.

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Journal Journal: A Pleasant Vacation 2

I'd planned on traveling to Cincinnati last Monday to visit my daughter and came down with the flu. I called Patty and told her it would be the next Monday; she works full time and is a full time student at Cincinnati State, and Monday is the only day she has off.

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Journal Journal: Nobots News

If you're the owner of a copy of Nobots, you now own a rare book. Fewer than two dozen were printed. If you don't yet have a copy, the price is a little higher.

When I originally published I was brand-new to all of this. I guess I still am. Until now the only place it was for sale was Lulu; I hadn't properly registered its ISBN and the bar code on the cover was wrong (Lulu put it there).

Comment Re:Not the only reason..... (Score 1) 409

Let's have everybody double click on the "terminal" icon, and when you see the blinking cursor on the new window type "sudo yum search someprogram".

The only time I ever need a terminal is when I've forgotten the root password. Servers aren't desktop machines and server OSes aren't desktop OSes. No, I wouldn't expect Joe Sixpack to administer a RHel installation, but he would have no problem with any of the desktop distros.

I'm running kubuntu on my tower, great OS and desktop. I've installed it for friends who keep getting Windows infections as well (not IT folks by any means) and unlike when they were running Windows, they seldom need any technical help after I slap Linux on heir boxes. But no, not Red Hat, that is indeed above the average consumer.

Comment Re:Not the only reason..... (Score 3, Informative) 409

Although FOSS alternatives keep getting better, they are still (generally) not as easy to set up and use as commercial alternative.

I see it's been years since you used any FOSS. Installing Gimp or Open Office or Firefox or Audacity on a Windows machine is exactly like installing Photoshop or MS Office or EAC on the same machine; I have all that open source software installed on this Windows 7 machine. The installations for FOSS and proprietary are identical.

Easier to use? Yes, if you're used to Photoshop, GIMP is a pain in the ass but OTOH if you're used to GIMP Photoshop is just as big a pain. Plus, with FOSS you don't have that productivity-killing ribbon.

And installing FOSS on a Linux computer is even easier. Go to the software you want (from your distro's repository), click once and enter a sudo password, done. You don't even have to reboot.

How you got modded up is beyond me because you're 100% wrong. MS employees have lots of mod points today, I guess.

Comment Re: Apple? (Score 1) 409

I'm sure it's included in the price of the computer, much like MS's licenses for crapware are included in Dells and HPs.

The crapware pays for the OS, which is why Linux versions of the same computer often cost more -- they have to make up for the lost crapware revenue. I mean really, cleaning off the crapware is part of the price you pay for a Windows computer.

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Journal Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Twelve

The damned alarm woke me up. Damn them whores... but it wasn't whores, it was a meteor shower. Fuck. I went to the pilot room.

The meteors were tiny but when you're going fast, well, when a meteor shower is coming you want to slow down.

Comment Re:Verboten (Score 1) 17

The point I'm after is that I see it as hypocritical (at best) that of all the different sexual acts that are incapable of creating children

I'm not going to argue with that, I agree completely. However, I do remember a news report several years ago about a woman in her late sixties having a kid. Biology takes strange turns sometimes.

there are just a short list of ones that certain people get their underwear all up in a bunch over and want to throw people in jail (or worse) for partaking in. Even more so, these are the same people that claim to want the government "out of the way" or to "leave them alone", yet here they are asking the government to invade in (very specific) other peoples' bedrooms.

Indeed, those people annoy the hell out of me. Total hypocrites.

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