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Comment Re:This applies to television, too? (Score 1) 361

Doesn't the trend of "cutting the cable" partly stem from having too many channels to choose from?

No, exactly the opposite, it's from LACK of choice. Rather than letting you choose a dozen channels you would want to watch, they charge you an arm and a leg for 400, none of which you'd ever watch except that dozen you'd like to pay for. Picture a bucket of dogshit with a dozen small diamonds in it. They charge diamond prices for the dogshit you have to search through to find the diamonds. A La Carte would result in my not having to pay $5 for ESPN because I don't watch sports, and you paying $25 for ESPN because you do. Why should I subsidize the god damned jocks?

Plus, the quality of cable channels has been steadily dropping since 1985. There used to be no commercials in the cable channels, now not only are you paying with money but with your eyeballs, often while the content you're paying for twice is on (If I'm paying for content, ads are theft).

And then you have the content itself going into the toilet. Empty-V used to play music videos, now they play the same kind of bullshit "reality TV" OTA shows. Discovery used to have science and technology, now it has "Trick My Truck". History Channel used to have WWII and ancient Greece, etc, now they have "Ice Road Truckers" and "Visitors for Outer Space".

People are cutting cable because it used to be $10 a month for quality, now it's over $100 for garbage. I got rid of cable years ago, OTA and DVDs and the computer using the TV as a monitor works for me. Cable is just too damned expensive for what you really get.

Comment Re:This too shall pass. (Score 1) 734

I feel this is a behavioral bump in the road that may disappear as my generation becomes the parental generation.

Of course you do, you're only 30. What you don't know is that every generation since 1880 has had the same problem. Nobody had a clue what telephony would lead to. Nor the automobile (F.L. Allen had a bit to say about that in his 1931 book Only Yesterday), movies, comic books, TV (OMFG Elvis), VCRs, now the internet and cell phones. I have no more idea what will come up in 20 years that will confound parents' abilities to raise their kids than than someone freaking out over Elvis' gyrations had any idea that some day everyone would have a camera and a phone in their pocket.

Yeah, you get the internet. You won't get what's next. Nobody will (and the youngsters take to new things like fish to water, a geezer like you has to work at it).

Comment Re:Prejudiced much? (Score 1) 394

And GiMP? Don't get me started.

Amen, now I see why folks pirate photoshop. I need cover art for Nobots, so DLed GIMP. Wanted to simply have a black background with NOBOTS in a bright red upper case 72 point Aral Black font above "mcgrew" in darker blue lowercase Aral Black. No fucking fonts. So I loaded some photos out of my camera to straighten out some crooked shots, and WTF?? You can only rotate 90%. A graphics program that came with a $100 scanner I had fifteen years ago was better. So was the one that came with the Corel office suite twenty years ago. GIMP is well named, it is indeed badly crippled.

Fuck it, I'll use a goddamned crayon and a scanner. I wish I could find the disk for that old graphics program...

Comment Re:Whew! (Score 1) 57

I thought that science had finally proven that the path to a man's heart isn't through his stomach once and for all... :(

That old canard is misunderstood. The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach if you're trying to stab him to death.

Comment Re:You mean DMLS? (Score 1) 74

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (September 2013)

Damned right it does because it's incorrect if it's what I saw demonstrated at SIU in the late seventies (although that one may have been a hot spray, it's been an awful long time ago).

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 361

I think there are too many nitpicking unemployed english majors on the loose on the interwebs.

And I think there are too many uneducated morons at slashdot who had no majors in anything because they very obviously dropped out of high school, plus never read a book they weren't forced to. I cut slashdot "editors" slack, they're technologists, not writers. But some mistakes are just sofa king stew pot (like this sentence) that it makes the comment unreadable. Someone saying "there car is over they're and they should loose they're license right hear and now" shouldn't be commenting at a site where it is assumed a large proportion actually has attended college; you don't need to be an English major to avoid stupidities like that.

Note that with "sofa king stew pot" an aliterate would figure that out before someone who reads regularly because they have to sound the words out (BTW, note that I did not mean to write "illiterate", it isn't a misspelling or typo).

That said, there's nothing wrong with the summary, and your comment seems to have been written by someone literate, although "on the loose" might have made an aliterate stumble. "On the lose? Huh?"

Comment Re:Deep down.. (Score 1) 610

Small problem; wealth inequity in this country has never been this bad, not by a long shot.

Pedantic nit: It hasn't been this bad since the 1920s (which were alarmingly like the times we're living through now).

However, we don't have one anymore; we have the poor, and the super rich. The line separating those two is getting thinner every year.

It's not QUITE that bad... yet. I'm median income and I'm not hurting, but I'm certainly not rich, let alone super rich. I can afford everything I need and most things I want. But it is getting there. You know what wealth inequality brings? Economic collapse and depression.

What Allen says in the linked 1931 book pretty much mirrors what my grandmother (born in 1903) told me -- the roaring twenties only roared for a few. It was a miserable time for most.

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