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Comment Re:Sheeple follow their games (Score 1) 403

And the fix is... Linux! Before you mod me funny, hear me out.

Pick a good Linux distro and install it dual-boot alongside whatever version of Windows you're running. In the installation of most distros you can add a separate partition; do so.

Alternately, you can run FDisk (which will wipe out all data) and make three partitions. Install your current version of Windows in one of them, then W8 on a second, and then install Linux on the third.

When you boot your machine you'll get a menu giving you a choice of (e.g.) Win 7, Win 8, and Linux. Use Win 7 or Linux for normal computing and Win 8 for the W8-only games.

Submission + - Want To Kick Cocaine? Try Ritalin! ( 5

An anonymous reader writes: The International Science Times reports on a New York study that took 18 cocaine addicts, gave half of them Ritalin and half of them placebos, and hey presto:

"They found that a single dose of methylphenidate normalized the brain pathways, increasing and reducing some of the neural activity between different networks of brain regions. ... [they] theorized methylphenidate may have boosted the brain's control over the automatic, impaired responses that may lead a user to compulsively seek a drug."

Wonder if that means that all those college kids using methylphenidate for study boosting are keeping their weekend habits from becoming regular using it. Better living through chemistry, indeed.

Comment Re:Ah Crap.... (Score 3, Interesting) 743

I had an incident with a black SUV with large, armed men a few years ago. All I did wrong was park in front of the wrong house. Scared the hell out of me, afterwards it just pissed me off that my 4th amendment rights were violated when they searched me and my car with no warrant. They didn't bother asking, they just pointed their tasers at me. Coats read SPD, FBI, and the guy in the ski mask (in July!) had a coat that read DEA. And I'm an old white guy, imagine if I was 20 and black.

Really lessened my respect for cops. No, fuck calling them cops, here's a handle from my youth - PIGS.

Comment Re:Sarcasm (Score 1) 743

OT (or maybe not considering we're discussing our loss of civil rights), but considering PRISM your sig is a little backwards. In Soviet USSA, internet logs on to you.

Come to think of it, it is on-topic. The kid wouldn't have been arrested if the Texas KGB hadn't been trolling Facebook for illegal free speech.

Comment Re:So much for... (Score 3, Informative) 743

I have a cousin who spent ten years in prison for posession; not sure what drug or what amount, but considering your username I'd move to Colorado or Washington State if I were you (possession of small amounts is a civil offense with a small fine here in Springfield). Texas is the closest thing to Singapore the US has when it comes to laws.

Seriously, you should stay out of Texas. Ever heard Uneasy Rider?

Submission + - Ubuntu 13.10 to feature Mir display server by default 1

colinneagle writes: The Ubuntu team plans to ship Mir, by default, in the next version of Ubuntu (13.10). Mir, of course, is the new display server that is being created to replace X.Org in all future releases of Ubuntu. Now, this will only be the first step in the transition to Mir, for Ubuntu. In 13.10, all desktop environments (including Unity, KDE, LXDE, etc.) will be running on top of XMir, which is an implementation of the X Window system, running on top of Mir. Think of it as a compatibility layer to let you run current software. The team has even posted a video showing various desktop environments running on top of Mir/XMir.

Submission + - US cops make 'first ever' Bitcoin seizure following house raid (

An anonymous reader writes: American cops have made their first ever seizure of Bitcoin after raiding the house of an alleged drug dealer. The Drug Enforcement Administration seized a haul of 11.02 Bitcoins (worth $814.22 at today's rates) from an address in South Carolina on April 12. They were in the possession of a man suspected of dealing drugs using the infamous Silk Road marketplace, accessible only as a hidden Tor service. The case came to light thanks to eagle-eyed Bitcoin advocates, who searched the police record of seizures.

Comment Re:Irrelevant (Score 2) 332

Why would they need wait for you to be online then risk detection by using a backdoor when they can just make a call to facebook, your ISP or your mobile phone network and probably get far more valuable information?

Neither Facebook nor your ISP has any information about your network that you didn't volunteer. Unless you're not smart enough to put a hardware firewall between your modem and router (as well as other measures) they're not going to easily get your private data. Data you give your ISP, facebook, or any other cloud entity isn't private.

If you're putting, say, trade secrets in the cloud you're a fool.

Having the source to your firewall's OS and software is far more important than internal OSes, but code in your OS can "phone home" and let the attacker in to your network, so a closed source OS with network access is still dangerous.

Comment Re:Oh, gag me. (Score 2) 564

The "humanities" in modern American academia are so fucking orthodox they might as well be called the "government worship department."

Wow, that's sad. It's a complete 180 from how college was in the late seventies. Of course, we'd just gotten out of a very unpopular war, the previous President had resigned in disgrace, and we had recession and inflation at the same time.

However, a few humanities courses wouldn't hurt some slashdotters. I haven't seen any in this thread yet, but some comments make me think the commenter is a high school dropout. "i thought those dog's would loose there mind's." You can't write like that and be taken seriously by anyone with an education.

I also agree with another poster in this thread who said humanities majors should take more math and science. If you haven't gotten a well-rounded education, you're not really educated.

Submission + - NSA Spying Scandal: Sir Tim Berners-Lee Warns Against Government Web Control (

AlistairCharlton writes: Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, has spoken out about the international spying scandal, accusing Western governments of hypocrisy over internet snooping.

Questioning the ability of governments to keep information safe, Berners-Lee was speaking at the inaugural Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, where he and five colleagues were recognised for their work in helping to create the web.

Comment Re:Next year's news... (Score 2) 59

From your link: "At 05:38 GMT on Thursday 23rd May, Ecuadorâ(TM)s first and only satellite collided with the fuel tank of an S14 Soviet rocket, which was launched in 1985."

Yes, there was a collision between Ecuador's satellite (TFA doesn't say how big) but the satellite wasn't the debris, it was the discarded fuel tank that when jettisoned should have been thrown so that it would have come back down that was the debris. But the space junk problem hadn't really come up a quarter century ago. The rest of the article just showed the naming conventions of various satellite sizes.

Give me a link where two functional devices that were actually being used at the time collided. Space junk is a problem, but these de-orbit at EOL, unlike Russian fuel tanks.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 59

LEO can still be hazardous.

Something that small can't, at least after it reaches the atmosphere. These things are, if I read right, about the size of a Rubic Cube. Skylab was just a little bigger. They'll vaporize instantly.

+1 funny, though, and that was a great link.

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