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Comment Re:iPad already beaten (Score 1, Insightful) 112

Dude, it's a Microsoft phone running the second most reviled OS (Second to Unity) there is, the OS with no market share at all. Windows 8 killed Nokia the company, Microsoft owns it now.

If Nokia had gone with Android rather than Windows years earlier they may have stayed solvent.

This phone won't dominate anything. The iPad is the one to beat? This won't beat the Android with the lowest sales, let alone the iPad.

Comment Re: iPad already beaten (Score 2) 112

That may be a troll at reddit, but this is slashdot. We laugh at ignorance. He'll be +5 in no time, and if I were moderating he'd get a + from me. I'd have posted the same comment if he hadn't.

I did stumble when reading the OP. "Looser? Huh?" until I remembered how many aliterates spell "lose" with two Os. It's annoying. And no, that isn't a misspelling of "illiterate".

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 401

They don't believe anything. Old thermostats were simply switches made from two dissimilar metals that bent with temperature difference (most had a mercury switch on the metal rod), new ones use thermistors that kick in when a certain voltage kicks in. Simple physics.

Seriously, are you guys trying to be funny?

Comment Re:Idiocracy (Score 1) 232

"but sadly the greatest minds and resources where focused on conquering hair loss and prolonging erections."

Snarky but untrue. The greatest minds are probably at the LHC and NASA and ESA, and the best biochemists are probably doing research on AIDS, cancer, and heart disease.

In fact, you mentioned Viagra, that was invented as a remedy for high blood pressure, and it didn't work. The effects that did work were a surprise; Viagra didn't come from trying to prolong erections, it came from trying to prolong life. The erections were a happy accident.

Comment Re:Easy one... (Score 1) 558

And linux doesn't offer anywhere near the same user experience as either Windows or OS X.

I don't know about OSX, but I run kubuntu and W7 and no, Windows is inferior. What takes fifteen clicks in Windows takes three in kubuntu. I have to reboot the Windows machine when Microsoft sends down patches, with Linux I just click "ok" and keep working. With every update, the Windows machine gets slower while with every update Linux gets faster. My ten year old kubuntu tower boots faster than the 3 year old W7 notebook, shuts down faster... it runs rings around the Windows machine, and there was a story posted to slashdot today about how Microsoft OSes run batteries down faster than other OSes.

The only thing that's kept Windows in the notebook is laziness.

Comment Re:Yea, Been Pullin' my hair out over this... (Score 1) 232

She laughed. "A bald guy? Are you kidding? No." ...and walked away.

There's an evolutionary reason for that. They've recently discovered a link between male pattern baldness and heart disease, so most likely that's the reason why women shy away from bald men -- bad genes. Unfortunately for the bald guys, that's one that's apparent. There are probably a whole lot that aren't.

I think we're more driven by instinct than most people think.

Comment Re:PM? Which country (Score 1) 201

How about that you read or watch news about world events once in a while?

So I take it you've memorized the name of every leader of every country in the world? Do you know who's in charge of Brazil? Germany? South Korea (It's a given you know who runs the north). Canada? Look, if you're going to name a country's leader in an international forum it's just stupid to not name the country, even if the country is the US or Russia. And stupidity should not be tolerated at a nerd site.

I should not have to google to find out who King Mswati III is.

Comment Re:Presence of self-awareness (Score 1) 401

All devices need to be aware of themselves. Know exactly where their memory bytes are, how to use its processor, and output to the screen. Devices could not function without a highly detailed and absolute awareness of self.

So, a light bulb is aware of which position the switch is? That's exactly what happens inside a computer or any digital device. It's not aware of anything; your phone is just a bunch of switches and lights and radio circuits. It has no idea what its logic gates are, let alone where they reside. It has no idea of anything at all. It's just switches.

Comment Re:Presence of self-awareness (Score 1) 401

Logic Errors are the "unfortunate hallmark of being human".

Other species don't make logic errors? I'd say creativity is the mark of being human. Yes, I've seen the paintings done by elephant trunks and mule's tails and chimps with paintbrushes. They're all garbage. Thinking up something new is a big hallmark of humanity, including invention, machining, fiction, music.

I've always wondered why music exists. Logically, it shouldn't. What evolutionary advantage does it give us?

Comment Re:Presence of self-awareness (Score 1) 401

The same way people can believe there is a god when no evidence exists.

Most people who believe in God have experienced him in some way. A better example would be all the people who are certain that there is alien life on other planets, even sentient life, when no evidence exists. Do I think there is life elsewhere? I think "probably" but I simply don't know. If you have no proof of God's existence the only logical answer is "I don't think so but it's possible".

Absence of proof is not proof of absence.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 401

My thermostat believes it's Napoleon

A pity many others don't and therefore don't measure in Celsius.

Mine must have disassociative identity disorder, because you can choose which scale to use. Same with my car. Don't wish for a schizophrenic thermostat, wish for one with DID.

Comment Re:Yea, Been Pullin' my hair out over this... (Score 1) 232

Well, thanks to choosing the right grandparents I have a full head of hair at age 61, and shaved heads seems to be the rule among those in their thirties. After my last haircut I swore to never let anybody under 40 cut my hair again, I asked for a light trim and almost got a crew cut.

But it gets cold here so I'm glad I'm not bald, hair is a great insulator. I usually don't get mine cut between late November to early March. If I were bald I'd welcome this just to keep my head warm.

Women will cheer this more than men. Women my age are usually not too attractive anyway, there are a few bald women where I work and I don't think viagra would help with them.

Yes, kids, that's why grandpa has those blue pills; grandma isn't as hot as she used to be.

Comment Talking to a tea partier the other day on /. (Score 1) 10

I asked why, if they were really libertarian why they don't push to legalize drugs. He responded to "it's not on top of the agenda" but it should be. I responded that the tea party wants lower taxes and smaller government, I pointed out that we have twice as many prisoners as anyone else, half of them are nonviolent drug offenders, and that investigating, trying, and imprisoning them was damned expensive.

After that, crickets.

Comment Re:Office 365 (Score 1) 337

First, it isn't that expensive.

A hundred bucks for a bucket of bugs and an unusable interface is way too much. Hell, you can buy a computer for twice that. And you'll have to buy it again in a couple years to remain compatible. It's a ripoff.

And for those who are price-sensitive, it is easily pirated

Only a fool downloads pirated software, you're just begging to be pwned. It isn't like a song or a movie where you have no risk.

Luckily for me, Oo writes PDFs and everyone takes those.

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