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Submission + - Occupy Flash? (

mcgrew writes: "I don't know why I haven't seen this at slashdot, but CNN is reporting another Occupy movement — Occupy Flash. Their aim: get rid of Flash completely.

In response, a group of Flash developers have started Occupy HTML in Flash's defense.

Popcorn, anyone?"

Your Rights Online

Submission + - Anonymous hacks St Louis Mayor's website (

mcgrew writes: "The St Louis Post Dispatch is reporting that

At least one Occupy St. Louis sympathizer wants to make sure Mayor Francis Slay is paying attention. The same day the mayor dispatched six aides to listen to concerns from the anti-Wall Street outfit camped out in Kiener Plaza, an online poster purporting to be a supporter of the group unveiled what appeared to be hacked information from Slay's website. "YOU CAN REMOVE US FROM KEINER [sic] PLAZA, BUT NOT FROM YOUR SYSTEMS!" the poster wrote on Tuesday. The poster claimed affiliation with the hacking network Anonymous



Submission + - Marooned Off Vesta (

mcgrew writes: "From the AP:

After four years sailing through space, the Dawn spacecraft was expected to slip into orbit late Friday around a giant asteroid to begin a yearlong investigation into the origins of the solar system. It is the first of two scheduled tour stops for the NASA probe that almost never made it to the launch pad. Because of its stunted growth, Vesta holds "a record of the earliest history of the solar system," said the mission's lead scientist Christopher Russell of the University of California, Los Angeles.

The submission's title is a nod to Isaac Asimov. Lets hope Dawn doesn't get marooned!"

Submission + - Don't fly if you just had surgery!

mcgrew writes: "The Chigago Tribune is reporting that the TSA is now worried about surgically implanted bombs.

Are they trying to get everyone to stop flying entirely? I know there's no way they'd get me in an airliner these days. I'll drive, even though it is far, far more dangerous."

Submission + - Ask slashdot: WTF happened? ( 1

mcgrew writes: Slashdot was giving a 503 everywhere for the last couple hours, whether trying to reach the front page, my journal, or messages. Someone on my friends list had posted a journal saying that using https rather than http fixed the problem, but it didn't work this tome.

When it came back up there were two new front page stories with no comments.

Power outage maybe? I remember reading that slashdot moved its servers to Chicago, and parts of that city (sadly serviced badly by Amerin) have been without power for a week since some storms rolled through. Backup power ran out of gas? Router melted? Someone linked slashdot from slashdot and slashdotted slashdot? I'm curious.


Submission + - Phisicist charged with running hooker ring (

mcgrew writes: From the AP:

Former University of New Mexico President F. Chris Garcia was arrested and jailed Thursday in connection with a multistate, online prostitution ring that authorities say was run by a physics professor from New Jersey. Garcia, 71, is professor emeritus of political science at the University of New Mexico. He served as president of the university from 2002-2003. A distinguished professor and well-known expert on New Mexico politics, Garcia served from 1987-90 as vice president of academic affairs, a position now called provost. He was dean of the College of Arts and Sciences from 1980-86. Garcia is also and author whose 11 books include "Hispanics and the US Political System" and "Moving into the Mainstream. A specialist in elementary particle theory, Flory spent a decade in school administration where, according to his website, he worked on human resource database systems and measuring academic productivity. Roseman told The Associated Press that Flory's password-protected website, Southwest Companions, had been the subject of a vice investigation for six months after police received tips from prostitutes and johns.


Submission + - DARPA offers "Star Trek Prize" 1

mcgrew writes: "First DARPA had Star Wars, now they have Star Trek. They're offering half a million bucks for someone to find a way to get people to neighboring stars.

the nearest star beyond our sun is 25 trillion miles away. The fastest rocket man has built would take more than 4,000 years to get there. This isn't just about thinking new rocket methods, Neyland said. It's also about coping with extended life in space, raising issues of medicine, agriculture, ethics and self-reliance, he said.


Submission + - DN4ever publisher fires PR firm over threats (

mcgrew writes: "From PC Mag:

On Tuesday, "Duke Nukem Forever" publisher 2K Games fired its PR agency for threatening to blacklist journalists who gave the game a negative review. "2K Games does not endorse the comments made by Jim Redner and we can confirm that The Redner Group no longer represents our products," 2K Games spokesman Charlie Sinhaseni said in an email. "We have always maintained a mutually respectful working relationship with the press and do not condone his actions in any way."


Submission + - Bad Science: Coffee as a hallucinogen (

mcgrew writes: "Australian researchers fed subjects a lot of coffee, gave them headphones, and told them that "White Christmas" would play after some static. The subjects heard Bing Crosby and the researchers concluded that coffee caused auditory hallucinations. Sensationalism at its best; obviously the researchers had never heard of hypnoisis."
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Apple's MacDefender Malware Patch Bypassed Already (

mcgrew writes: "From ZDnet:

The bad guys have wasted no time. Hours after Apple released this update and the initial set of definitions, a new variation of Mac Defender is in the wild. This one has a new name, Mdinstall.pkg, and it has been specifically formulated to skate past Apple’s malware-blocking code.

When I saw news this morning that Apple had issued a patch and has some malware detection built into the OS, I felt sorry for Microsoft. They're damned if they do and damned if they don't. If they put AV as part of the OS, folks would say they're evil for ruining MacAffee (although I'm certainly no MacAffee fan, MaCaffee's on my work PC) and Norton. I have to applaud Apple for trying, and since neither MaCaffee or Norton are much less evil than Microsoft, I'd like to see MS add AV to their OSes. I'm sick of cleaning up clueless friends' PCs."


Submission + - Seismologists Tried for Manslaughter for Not Predi (

mcgrew writes: "From LiveScience:

Earthquake prediction can be a grave, and faulty science, and in the case of Italian seismologists who are being tried for the manslaughter of the people who died in the 2009 L'Aquila quake, it can have legal consequences. The group of seven, including six seismologists and a government official, reportedly didn't alert the public ahead of time of the risk of the L'Aquila earthquake, which occurred on April 6 of that year, killing around 300 people, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.



Submission + - Newest IE flaw: "cookiejacking" (

mcgrew writes: "Rueters and The Register are reporting a newly discovered hole in IE. The Register says

The attack exploits a vulnerability in the IE security zones feature that allows users to segregate trustworthy websites from those they don't know or don't ever want to access. By embedding a special iframe tag in a malicious website, an attacker can circumvent this cross zone interaction and cause the browser to expose cookies stored on the victim's computer.

From Reuters:

To exploit the flaw, the hacker must persuade the victim to drag and drop an object across the PC's screen before the cookie can be hijacked. That sounds like a difficult task, but Valotta said he was able to do it fairly easily. He built a puzzle that he put up on Facebook in which users are challenged to "undress" a photo of an attractive woman. "I published this game online on FaceBook and in less than three days, more than 80 cookies were sent to my server," he said. "And I've only got 150 friends." Microsoft said there is little risk a hacker could succeed in a real-world cookiejacking scam.


The Internet

Submission + - Slashdotting the CDC site? (

mcgrew writes: Last week somone submitted a story about the Centers for Disease Control warning folks about a coming zombie apocalypse. Today Reuters is reporting that it drove so much traffic the site crashed.

The Zombie piece was actually a humorous look at hurricane preparation.


Submission + - Sony hacked again (

mcgrew writes: Computerworld is reporting yet another breach of Sony's laughable (it must be) security, saying $1,200 worth of "virtual tokens" have been taken.

The same article notes that F-Secure has discovered a phishing site in Thailand that's hosted on Sony's servers.

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