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Comment Re:quickoffice is free and available to any Androi (Score -1, Troll) 178

yeah, great, another android fuck-up, if you're tablet or phone is pre-loaded with it

Speaking of fuck ups, did Android make you do that? Protip: an aliterate has no advantage over an illiterate.

I modeled the protagonist in the book I'm writing after guys like you. "i aint never went to college."

Comment Re:Sunrise (Score 1) 545

I think the idea of only two time zones in a 3000 mile wide area is insane. Time zones are useful, DST is not. You don't want the kids going to school in the dark? Start classes later, duh. Seven to three is a retarded shift for school children, anyway. Kids (especially teens) are not good at being early birds; that's been studied. Make DST the standard time and keep it all year around; I don't want the sun waking me up at 5:00 AM in the summer and I hate that it's dark when I leave work in late December.

But remember the real reason for DST, folks: it's so those who don't fly can still experience the joys of jet lag.

Comment Re:Daylight Saving Time (Score -1, Troll) 545

during the winter a dark morning would affect allot of people.

You get an allotment of people?

Hint: when your spell checker flagged "alot" and you went with its suggestion, you changed the meaning of your sentence. "Alot" is not a word and "allot" doesn't mean "a lot." I've seen that mistake a lot lately.

Too much internet, not enough edited books.

Comment Re:I might be as excited about all this as you! (Score 1) 8

Yeah, I feel like a kid at Christmas. Disappointed that I discovered a typo in the acknowledgements, and that some of the fonts were times new roman rather than gentium book basic, the difference is hard to spot on the computer but sticks out like a sore thumb on paper. Glad I didn't let it go live like that.

I plan on posting a journal before submitting to the front page, so you guys will get a heads up.

Comment Re:Only 1 Billion? (Score 1) 95

Yes, they are indeed careful, infecting, say, Mars would certainly screw up the search for life.

Or at least I think I understand. I really don't.

Knowing you are ignorant is wisdom.

I just hate the idea of death and ceasing to exist now more than ever.

Well, not existing for 13 billion years didn't bother you, did it? And how do you know that death is the end, rather than a transformation?

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Easy, Open Source Desktop Sharing Software 2

N8F8 writes: Like many IT professionals I provide a lot free helpdesk type support to friends and family. I've decided to expand my support work and create a site where Veterans can receive free computer help ( I'm using OSTicket ( for the ticket reporting. What It really need is an easy to use desktop sharing system. In the past I've used TeamViewer because it is easy to use but it is not really free for non personal use. Recently I switched to Meraki Systems Manager because it is free and it uses VNC but unfortunately it isn't intended for the one-time-use type support I'll be offering. So I'm looking for a reliable, open source, easy to use desktop sharing solution that I can set up on my site for people to join one-time-use help desk sessions.

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