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Comment No. (Score 4, Insightful) 775

Even if ALL of the electricity to power EVs was generated from the dirtiest coal plants, it would STILL be cleaner than every single car carrying around its own heavy, petrol burning, ICE. Also you have the benefits of localizing pollution somewhere less populated. This smells like a big oil hit piece.

Now, there is a separate conversation about other forms of transportation being even better than personal automobiles. Trains and even airplanes might be better in some scenarios than everyone racing around pell-mell with their own car, but that's a different issue. If we, as a society, have decided that everyone will be driving their own vehicle, the question is how to make that scenario least damaging; and the answer is electric vehicles.

Submission + - Interest Rates: Apple Wins, Students Lose 1

theodp writes: In April, Apple locked in an insanely-great 2.415% interest rate on 10-year bonds offered as part of an unprecedented $17 billion bond sale (Apple's first since 1996). Bloomberg reports that Apple sold the bonds to help funnel money to shareholders in a bit of financial engineering, saving as much as $9.2 billion in taxes by avoiding the use of about $100 billion of cash it holds offshore. Meanwhile, seven million college students saw their interest rates doubled to 6.8% from 3.4% Monday after Congress failed to pass legislation preventing the increase on government-backed Stafford loans. Hey, don't let the IRS catch you trying to avoid paying any taxes due on the income you use to pay back those higher interest rate loans, kids, or there'll be hell to pay!

Comment Re:why test microsoft windows for free? (Score 1) 543

Yes, the average 18 to 45 consumer spends a lot more time on their phone than they do on their computer.

Then they go to work, and they're faced with doing their job, with a PC that's organised completely differently.

There's been a rather huge corporate investment in getting desktop machines sorted to maximise productivity, with applications developed, training provided, and documentation written. I'm talking about billions of dollars in investment, and so much of which would have to be re-spent to use the Windows 8 UI.

Take-up among the Corporate sector? Don't hold your breath.

Comment Re:Funny. (Score 1) 543

It just sounds like a bunch of Whiny people who wants to get an Apple or Defend Linux, or are so old or autistic that they cannot handle any change.

And your comment sounds rude and rather incredibly arrogant.

I believe the criticisms with the UI I've read above are relevant and germane. And, supporting several thousand users over the phone, I am not enjoying the workload increase from having to explain the chaos of W8 to the clerical staff who are trained to a pattern in XP or W7.

The best thing Microsoft did after introducing W8 was to fire Sinofsky.


FTC Chairwoman Speaks On Growing US Patent Problem 87

ectoman writes "In a recent policy speech, Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith Ramirez indicated that the FTC might be preparing to seriously address patent abuse in the United States. Mark Bohannon, Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Global Public Policy at Red Hat, has reviewed Ramirez's remarks, calling them 'some of the most direct and specific to date from a senior U.S. Government official regarding "harmful PAE [patent assertion entities] activities."' Bohannon writes that the FTC's proposed roadmap for patent reform 'is both ambitious and doable,' and he discusses how the agency could make its potential contributions to reforms most effective. The piece arrives one week after Bohannon analyzed other patent reform efforts currently ongoing in Washington—in a piece Slashdot readers have been discussing."

Comment Re:Start Button in 8.1 is useless. (Score 1) 543

It actually is a model M. Made in the same factory on the same equipment in the same way. Unicomp bought the company back in the day. It was never shut down, and now they make versions with the Windows key and USB also. Also Dvorak. And yes, it is perfectly functional at need as a bludgeon. Petition them for a Bluetooth version, would you?

Actually, looking at that site I see that almost all models are out of stock. Maybe I better order another one just in case.

Comment Distinction without a difference (Score 1) 778

ActiveX is a self describing plugin system which allows an application to load and potentially use a plugin without any prior knowledge, EXACTLY like XPCOM in Firefox. Again, they are 100% functionally the same. Internet Explorer had retarded defaults

And how did end users get the majority of their ActiveX widgets? Through Internet Explorer. Your argument makes sense - from a pedantic programmer's perspective. From an end user's perspective (and those of us who have had to clean said users computers), though, it's a distinction without a difference.

Comment Re:Solution in extensions (Score 1) 778

The internet is becoming "app-ified" because users want their websites to do more, to load faster, to not have "flicker" whenever the page has to change something... The "old way" of websites is as dead as Geocities, because if we web developers actually designed them that way, our users/clients would never be happy.

Load faster? In either case your internet connection is going to be the bottleneck as you're waiting for data to load...

Comment Re:Yet another great argument... (Score 1) 402

part of the problem is that a lot of people (very many of which are living very comfortably) see those concessions as substandard because everyone should be equal,or their personal bias leads them to believe that five people in a 900 sq ft home is untenable squalor. its good to want better for everyone, but some people need a dose of reality. most of the world doesnt have what they do, and theyre fine with that.

to save money, i once lived in a 40 sq foot single-room apartment in tokyo. had to sell most of my belongings because they wouldnt fit and i didnt want to pay for storage. by some people's definition, i was poor. yet the reality was that i had a place to sleep, a climate separate from the seasonal elements, clean water, easy access to food of varying quality, and i was saving money while looking for a better job.

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