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Comment Re:Meh, Not the problem. (Score 2, Informative) 380

I really don't know why the Canadian government is involved in these negotiations at all as the treaty doesn't stand a snowballs chance in hell of being ratified. Mostly because it would require an admendment to our Charter of Rights and Freedoms in order to become law as it will be kicked out of court on it's ear otherwise. Also, the Copyright Board of Canada would have to be disbanded in spite of having a Royal Charter. We're talking a great big messy Constitutional crisis over file sharing. Not a good idea at the best of times and for a minority Conservative government it is tantamount to political suicide. Should be fun to watch, though.

Comment Re:enforcement (Score 1) 462

I think I missed the point of the article, one question keeps coming up in my mind: what stops the kid from being truant here? just because their location is monitored, doesn't mean they have to go to school. If you want to stop the kid from being truant, the parents/guardians have to get involved. Drive the kid to school in the morning, teach them the value of an education, show them the importance of being a success in life, most of all try and give the kid a better start than you had. If you raise them like you give a damn, they will care about an education.
Maybe or maybe not. I did a quick look through the Dallas news for crime articles related to Bryan Adams school and the place looks pretty scary with assults on teachers doubling in recent years. It might be that at least some of the truants are displaying well honed survival skills. After all, the teachers are scared.

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