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Comment Re:Top target? (Score 1) 136

No that simply means it's not the most accurate.

Hackers target the platform that is the most valuable to them. In the case of traditional operating systems or computers the market share numbers are so vastly different that the number one platform is target.

In the case of consoles, the numbers are close enough that hackers have chosen the platform with the most likelihood of having credit card information stored on them which happens to be number two.

I will leave the comments about which platform is easier to hack for someone else.

Comment Re:Wind power costs the same, with no nasty cleanu (Score 3, Interesting) 426

How much land does that 50 MW wind farm take up?

More important how much land will those 58 (8.9 billion / 153 million) 50 MW wind farms take up? Not to mention what is the cost of building conventional power plants to supply the power on days when it is not windy. Did you factor that in to your price =)

I'd also venture a guess that maintenance costs on 58 wind farms (+ supplemental power)would actually be more than the one nuclear plant just due to the quantity of them.

I'm all for alternative energy as supplements and for using it where it's practical, but at our current state of technology we can't depend on it yet.

The only one that I can give any level of dependability to is geothermal and obviously you can't build those just anywhere.

The U.S. needs Nuclear power plants, but I fear it's not going to happen until it's too late.


Submission + - Google Desktop for Linux Released (

untouchableForce writes: "Geekzone reports that Google has (finally) released their Google Desktop application for Linux. The popular search software now runs on the three most popular operating systems Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. You may download Google Desktop for all three of the OSes at their website.

Utilizing this utility, some well thought out samba shares, and some custom code, is it possible that this could provide a cheaper alternative to the Google Search Appliance"


Submission + - MS removes features from MS Virtualization Tools

untouchableForce writes: "Microsoft has dropped three features of it's virtualization tools that are to ship with the next version of Windows Server. The three features that have been dropped are:
  • Live Migration
  • Hardware Hot Swap Compatibility
  • Ability to use more than 16-CPU Cores
The cutting of these features comes after the beta release of this product was delayed last month but claimed to still be on schedule. One has to wonder if they are still on schedule if they are cutting features. Considering the massive delay's suffered by windows vista, and it's slow adoption rate among corporation could this be an opportunity for alternative OSes to pick up additional market share?"

Submission + - Google begins Massive Roll out of Web History

untouchableForce writes: "It has been well known for some time that Google could record your search history and associate it with your Google Account. It was used to create service such as Personalized Search. A couple of weeks ago Google released a new tool called Web History and apparently it recently has began enrolling all of its new and existing users into it. I noticed it on my account today despite having previous disabled personalized search in my account. To their credit it was "paused" but I was still quietly enrolled in something I knew nothing about. Here is an overview of Web History can be found at this blog entry. Here is Google's FAQ regarding why it has suddenly appeared along with directions on how to remove it from your account.

Given all of the ways things are being interpreted in this world today I want absolutely no one having access to a complete history of what I searched. I submit this only to bring it to the attention of others who may have missed this. To Google's credit they do give you the ability to delete items from your web history, which will keep them from using it to make recommendations but they likely still have other records of it. The only positive aspect of this that I can see is at least we getting an additional glimpse on just how much information the search giant has on us."
Linux Business

Submission + - Dell Partners with MS/Novell for Linux Servers

untouchableForce writes: "Yesterday Dell has announced that it will join forces with Microsoft and Novell to "make it easier for the windows operating system and then [...] Linux [operating] system to work together." This is not overly surprising given Dell's good relationship with Microsoft, and since they already sell SUSE Linux on some of their servers, but it is likely to put a stop to the OSS community's celebration of them distributing Ubuntu.

The debate over partnership between Microsoft and Novell has been drawn out since the deal was signed and for some this will add additional fuel to the fire but shouldn't the OSS community be reading this as an acceptance of Company's acknowledgement of Linux?"
Linux Business

Submission + - Dell Joins Microsoft/Novell Pact

linuxrocks123 writes: "It looks like Dell is joining Microsoft and Novell in their Linux patent pact. Dell is selling SuSE on servers, backed by Microsoft's Linux patent certificates. No response from Red Hat yet, but Dell claims to still be selling Red Hat servers despite the deal."

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