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Comment ROMs are a bigger threat (Score 3, Interesting) 236

Just a note is that a large percent of the geek population is trusting ROMs with full root access. Just internet access for some sandbox app is small potatoes. Here's an example of a "good" developer making a simple mistake with their ROM Imagine what a malicious developer could accomplish.

Comment Re:Virtually unchallenged? (Score 1) 221

You listen to your portable music player with an environment and with amplification equipment that let you readily tell the difference between high-bitrate MP3 and FLAC? Hang on, I'm going to go and sell some new clothes to an emperor...

Perhaps he doesn't want to re-encode his FLAC files as high-bitrate MP3 specially for his player.

Comment Buy or don't buy? (Score 1) 221

If you think Vonage is going to be a big player long term in VOIP.. BUY
If you think Vonage is going to get buried by ATT, Skype, Verizon, Sprint, etc.. Don't buy
I'm thinking Vonage is not going to live up to expectations since you can now get similar things from the companies people know.

Also the POTS companies are waking up a little bit. My in-laws are FINALLY dropping dial up because Sprint is offering them unlimited domestic POTS and ADSL for $70 a month. About the same price as cable broadband + Vonage. Bottom line is that Vonage's previous competitive advnatage (Price) is less of a factor or no factor. And their service is inferior to POTS IMO.

Note. I'm a former Vonage subscriber now using a combination of cellular and Skype for voice. In my case the price of Vonage was too high and the service redundant YMMV

McAfee Feigns Fear at Mac Security 403

conq writes "BusinessWeek reports that McAfee has just come out with a report which asks the question 'Is Mac OS X the Next Windows?'." They appear to be attempting to scare consumers into buying anti-virus software for OSX. Blogger Arik Hesseldahl breaks down their claims: "First off, Mac users on average pay more for their computers, are self-selected because they tend to know more about technology than your average PC buyer, and by and large are a bit more affluent than those who buy cheapo commodity Windows PCs ... When you take into account the ongoing growth in general PC ownership, even if Apple pushes its annual unit sales to 12 million or more by 2010, its share of the overall market will still account for about 4%, leaving Windows the far more tasty target."

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