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Comment Re:Flawed survey (Score 1) 443

The real problem that I have with it is that they actively block alternative means of installing applications, making their store an all-on-nothing affair. You either use the apps that Apple tells you that you should be using or you don't use them. If I have to utilize a technical solution to fix a policy problem then the product is inherently flawed. If I feel like using Flash to slow my device to a crawl and kill my battery (which I can speak to being bullshit arguments firsthand having used Flash on my Droid for a while now) then I'm going to kick my device's ass playing Flash games. THAT'S magical.

That said, Android has the opposite issue with the uncontrolled state of the Market actively dissuading developers and users, but given the choice I'll go with openness without question. I would prefer that Google put more restrictions on the official Market in order to provide more incentive to developers and users to adopt Android while still allowing alternative software repositories to exist. If someone wants to release an Android application that either violates Market terms, such as a hardcore pornography app, or that only runs in unsupported configurations, like rooted devices, then they are still perfectly capable of doing so and it really isn't a big deal for people to install those apps.

Comment Re:But what if I liked the application (Score 1) 509

Not sure what source you want for the functionality of an application that is provided with nearly all Android devices. I guess might work. Unless you were referring to apps to install the .apk files without using the Market, in which case Astro File Manager is awesome for all sorts of file types, including .apk files, although it may require root access to use. There are also standalone .apk installers that are available that work without needing root access.

Comment Re:Response to meego (Score 1) 163

Apple seems to be doing alright splitting their attention between Mac OS X and iPhone OS, although I did see gripes from some of their customers after their last developer conference regarding Mac OS X being treated as an afterthought. Yet the next Mac or i will likely still presell hundred of thousands of units sight-unseen.

Comment Re:They would only be hurting themselves (Score 1) 1318

To cope with the ceaseless realization that some day, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you will die. Most people simply cannot cope with living every minute of their lives knowing that their very existence will end. Religion provides a hope that oblivion isn't inevitable. Of course, such a powerful psychological coping mechanism is ripe for use as a means of control, which is why the idea is reinforced in nearly every religion that the less that you accept the precepts on faith (passed down from the select few at the top, of course), the less chance that you have of avoiding the horrible fate that forms the basis of the desire to believe in the first place.

I wholeheartedly understand and sympathize with the religious. I just wish they'd keep it to themselves as I'd much prefer to spend the few precious years that I do have in a rational world.

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