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Submission + - The Future Will Be Modular: Tinkertoy-Like Blocks Will Build Bridges, Planes

cartechboy writes: Does that sketchy bridge on your commute to work freak you out? How about that budget airplane seat your boss puts you in once a month? If you're nervous about that, then you'll probably freak out about this: Future airplanes, bridges, boats, even spacecraft may be built from modular blocks that snap together like Tinkertoys. While the idea seems strange, the parts are claimed to be up to 10 times stiffer than existing ultralight materials and the construction work will be done by tiny robots crawling along the structure as it's built. It would even be possible to disassemble one structure, say, a bridge, and repurpose it into a new building. Imagine taking apart one wing of your office building and turning it into a boat--just be sure to bring your life jacket.

Comment Re:No such thing as 'man made global warming' (Score 1) 235

both are highly known as clime change deniers they are not reputable as you claim.

most real research is paywalled and/or sells books to fund their research above whatever grants they get. it is how academia works these are feel good stories for republicans to seed disinformation, as it takes all blame away from them.

even if the global warming is a result of the sun fusing higher density particles and not burning of fuels while deforestation there is still merit in finding ways to slow global warming. it's not 'shit we better burn all the coal we can before it all ignights and screws humanity'

Comment Re:Now make GNOME work (Score 1) 128

X was so "ahead of its time" that its entire architecture was dumped in version 10 to give way to X11

That's... a bizarre statement and completely meaningless. In fact, it's intellectually dishonest.

The X11 was developed purely because X10 wasn't generic enough in its hardware requirements. That was it.

But even you could legitimately describe that as dumping the entire architecture (which, I think, we can legitimately call an outright lie), that would still have nothing to do with whether the X Window System is ahead of its time. X11 and its predecessors feature a network transparency system that were uncommon at the time of X11's development.

and then it remained so far ahead of its time that to this day NextOS, MacOS, Android and Windows have yet to adopt a single thing from it, contrary to the rest of Unix most of which has made its way into those operating

This is exceedingly dubious. A "single thing"? Really? In fact, pretty early on Windows started to adopt various incompatible network display protocols to counter the fact it didn't have native network transparency. Did it do it exactly the same way as X? Of course not, architecturally X11 was completely incompatible. But it did make the effort. Did Android? No, Android post-dates X11/Unix by decades, and is intentionally stripped down. Android also doesn't require network transparency in a fucking phone screen. "NextOS"? NextStep used Display Postscript early on, one of whose advertised features was... yes, it's a shame Apple dumped the technology in favor of something inspired by PDF, but the world changes.

AmigaOS was also ahead of its time. You could legitimately argue that operating systems since bear no resemblance to AmigaOS, whose shared-memory space message-passing multitasking environment had its flaws as well as its advantages. But to argue that AmigaOS can't be described as ahead of its time when it was doing in the 1980s what many operating systems are still doing poorly today would get you laughed at.

But X11, unlike AmigaOS, never went away. And so we're familiar with its flaws, and we focus on its flaws and not its strengths. And its strengths are, absolutely, huge.

Wayland is a tragedy. It should not exist as a project. It's taking the jewel from Unix's crown and throwing it away in favor of a candy wrapper because the jewel has gotten a lot of gunk on it over the years and nobody's thought to just polish it.

Wayland is an effort to remove those layers of cruft that nobody uses (Xtoolkit?)

No, it's not. Wayland is an effort to replace X11. It will end up, after a few years of people hacking around its flaws, with just as much cruft as X11, but unlike X11, it'll never have the promise. It'll never be able to do in 25 years from now what X11 can do today.

Comment Re:Would probably be found (Score 4, Insightful) 576

What a lot of people fail to recognise is that the people in charge of governments and the state tend to have the mentality and vindictiveness of very small children. Unfortunately, they also have an adults guile. Assumming that small children will behave rationally, reasonably, or for the common good is not a legitimate strategy.

Comment Re:AMD multi-display problems (Score 1) 148

in my experience pc gaming is a nightmare, card upgrades driver going from single card to every possible hardware configuration...various oses and computer that fail... the tech universe has always been a nightmare scenario, it's just that usually you can get things to work for a few years if you search message boards for problems you can usually use someone elses disaster to keep from affecting you. usually but seriously does a small bug here or there stop you from using computers? i have probably bought about $10,000 worth in consumer grade computers, it is my hobby. i have seen almost every type of consumer grade hardware failure. i have yet to meet a hardware company that is able to please all their userbase, and i have upgraded gpus many times i have magazines where computers cost $3,500 and in the day were about equivalent to todayâ(TM)s graphing programmable calculators.
anyways i have nvidia and amd/ati systems and for the most part things work, although the linux drivers were a real challenge to get working on my laptop. mainly the wifi but on my desktop (gaming one) the lack of usb keyboard function in linux was unacceptable. some of us don't have the same ibm ones built to withstand a nuclear war. why force a usb keyboard? well for one it glows blue. sidetracked a bit but oh well

Comment Trust the Computer, Citizen (Score 1) 194

Do you have a Z Z Alpha requisition form for pre-conceptual authorization to think about putting a robot at risk?

Is it filled out in triplicate?

If so, you may now think about doing this.

(caveat: the article clearly states soldiers have no problems sending robots to die, but they like to have a funeral or memorial service for them if they die - not the same thing)

Comment Re:Microsoft will pull back (Score 1) 426

My point being that Ubuntu 13.04 is a Lunatic Fringe distribution for the hard-of-thinking (designed with a "slick" graphical installer and heavy eye-candy) on ancient hardware that 99.9% of users would have binned over half a decade ago.

I dare say if I'd put Slackware on, it would have been much quicker and wouldn't have required any hackery of the installation scripts. It had to be something trendy and simple, because I was installing it for my dad who has spent the last 20 years trapped in Windows-land, where he develops commercial software, and if he hasn't got a picture to point at with the mouse, he won't do it.

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