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DARPA Makes Finding Software Flaws Fun 46

alphadogg writes "The U.S. Department of Defense may have found a new way to scan millions of lines of software code for vulnerabilities: by turning the practice into a set of video games and puzzles and having volunteers do the work. Having gamers identify potentially problematic chunks of code could help lower the work load of trained vulnerability analysts by 'an order of magnitude or more,' said John Murray, a program director in SRI International's computer science laboratory who helped create one of the games, called Xylem. DARPA has set up a site, called Verigames, that offers five free games that can be played online or, in Xylem's case, on an Apple iPad."
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Ask Slashdot: Why So Hard Landing Interviews In Seattle Versus SoCal? 506

An anonymous reader writes "I have been trying to make the move to the Seattle, WA area. I liked the weather, the nature, the scenery and the tech environment. However, for whatever reason it seems like interviews are hard to come by. As a MS Stack software developer in LA, I barely had to do anything and recruiters always come knocking, either via LinkedIn or from past connections. Not to mention in general I got phone interviews for easily .8 of the positions I applied for. I wanted to finally make the move and fulfill a live long dream to live in Seattle. So I have been applying for positions in the greater Seattle, WA (King County) area. So far the ratio of positions applied to phone interviews is a dismal .1. Which is terrible considering the economy was much worse when I was actively looking for job in LA. Something isn't right because I am still getting offers for interviews here in SoCal, but not much from where I really wanted to be. What could I be doing wrong? Why such a contrast? Is the IT market in Seattle in poor shape? Or may be I just lack the proper connections in a new area? Am I just being screened out immediately for not being local? Or is it the prevalence of bigger corporations vs. smaller startups? And frankly as nice as the city is I can't move unless there's a healthy IT market to thrive by. I hope someone can point me in the right direction."
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Hotfile Settles With MPAA, Drops Countersuit Against Warner Bros 88

After winning the right to use the term perjury in regards to Warner Bros abuse of the DMCA takedown procedure, and successfully blocking the MPAA from using the term "piracy" at their trial, Hotfile settled out of court with the MPAA today (mere days before the trial was scheduled to begin). As part of the deal, they are dropping their countersuit against Warner Bros, paying $80 million, and halting all operations immediately. The Hotfile website has been replaced by an MPAA message. From Torrent Freak: "The settlement deal was rubber stamped by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, ... The MPAA is happy with the outcome which it says will help to protect the rights of copyright holders on the Internet. 'This judgment by the court is another important step toward protecting an Internet that works for everyone,' MPAA boss Chris Dodd says."

Science Museum Declines To Show Climate Change Film 398

sciencehabit writes "A premier science museum in North Carolina has sparked controversy by refusing to show an hour long film about climate change and rising sea levels. The museum may be in a bit of a delicate position. It is part of a state agency, the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The state government has been perceived as hostile to action on climate change; last year, the legislature passed a bill forbidding the state coastal commission from defining rates of sea-level rise for regulation before 2016."

Comment Here's the list (Score 1) 319

I create a different email address for every web site I sign up to, and use different passwords and usernames. I have a Facebook account under my real name, but I post false information, false updates, and false photos by morphing four faces together and photoshopping it into the image. It's very easy to get those four faces at various angles because they are pictures of people in my extended family. My Facebook friends are all random people that accepted me for some reason. I clear my browser and use a different user agent for each of the sites I visit. Any other browsing is done in a private mode in a different browser on a per site basis and I rotate the browser, and this is in a VM that I refresh every day with a backup image. I also force https. I have two different VPN services I use based on the sites I want to visit.

Comment Re:Freetards earn the hate. (Score 2) 246

There's no way to trick it into thinking there's a working battery in? Just curious because having a battery in there when you don't need it is a waste, and I wouldn't want it catching fire in my walls or something. This seems like a good idea for old iphones, using them as controllers for other things.

Comment And an inconvenience (Score 1) 243

Agreed, I don't see the appeal. With larger screens and now curved as well, it will just be extra bulky in your pocket and wobble on your desk/nightstand. OCD people will have a fit every time they put it down, waiting for it to be still.

"So put it down the other way."

"Yeah but I can't see the screen."

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