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Comment Fucked by a cloud (Score 2) 164

Exactly, look how many companies still run some DOS program in a CMD box on Windows. They're doing so because it's more worth it to them than to develop some new solution. The solution they already had still works. If it were cloud-based then they'd be stuck paying bills that they really don't need to. The cloud is always going to fuck over the people who depend on it.

Do Nations Have the Right To Kill Enemy Hackers? 482

Nerval's Lobster writes "Cyber-attacks are much in the news lately, thanks to some well-publicized hacks and rising concerns over malware. Many of these attacks are likely backed in some way by governments anxious to seize intellectual property, or simply probe other nations' IT infrastructure. But do nations actually have a right to fire off a bomb or a clip of ammunition at cyber-attackers, especially if a rival government is backing the latter as part of a larger hostile action? Should a military hacker, bored and exhausted from twelve-hour days of building malware, be regarded in the same way as a soldier with a rifle? Back in 2009, the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (which also exists under the lengthy acronym NATO CCD COE) commissioned a panel of experts to produce a report on the legal underpinnings of cyber-warfare. NATO CCD COE isn't funded by NATO, and nor is it a part of that organization's command-and-control structure—but those experts did issue a nonbinding report (known as "The Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare") exploring the ramifications of cyber-attacks, and what targeted nations can do in response. It's an interesting read, and the experts do suggest that, under circumstances, a nation under cyber-attack can respond to the cyber-attackers with "kinetic force," so long as that force is proportional. Do you agree?"

Comment Wanted 3D, bought 3D (Score 1) 143

I always had those ASUS nVidia video cards that would come with those 3D LCD glasses, and enjoyed playing games in 3D since the original Unreal. It was extremely cool and kept wishing this was available on a bigger screen. Now it's trivial to set up a PC with a 3D TV, and also the PlayStation 3 has many full 3D games, and there's the 3DS. I always liked the experience and I'm really happy that it's widely available. Movies look great in 3D as well, and some fun can be had with the 2D > 3D software conversion that most TVs have now.

So yeah, I care about 3D. Looking forward to the Oculus Rift as well.

Comment Do like GiantBomb (Score 2) 978

Place only unobtrusive ads, and offer SD videos and podcasts free to all, while keeping HD videos and extra content behind a paywall (mostly non-gaming behind the scenes just-for-fun fanservice). Or do like IGN and theme your site with a developer's game around the launch period and cater to almost every gamer niche with podcasts/videocasts. GameFaqs offers a survey every day and sells consumer metrics (but they have a lot of good will and most people don't lie on the surveys).

And maybe pick better ad partners? If your fans are blocking you then you must be doing something annoying.

Comment Consolation: You get a game you don't want? (Score 4, Insightful) 259

What sense does it make to give SimCity players another game from EA that they probably don't want? My dad got this game and he's not interested in playing Dead Space or whatever else, he only wants to play SimCity. They should just fix the problems the game has in the first place and allow "offline single player mode" a.k.a. normal fucking single player mode like any other game has.

Comment Japanese animation is great (Score 1) 599

Since when is Japanese animation low quality? They have a lower frame rate (15fps) but have much more detail in each frame. The characters are never off model, like in american animation. Individual frames never have mistakes such as using the wrong color in one spot. There is more variety to the color palette. Backgrounds don't repeat as often. Character motion is much more realistic and even when it's not intended to (for a comedic intent, etc), it's modelled more consistently. Shadows are drawn more often and more realistically. I admire and appreciate the quality greatly. It's really funny because as a kid I felt it was much higher quality, and it really made me notice the imperfections in domestic animation.

Comment The first 45 minutes (Score 1) 83

For me it was the first 45 minutes. That's not DOOM at all. Get all the people out of my way and let me start shooting hellspawn. I tried it back in the day and didn't have the patience to get past that part, and after hearing groaning about the flashlight, I just wasn't in the mood to get invested.

Recently, I bought BFG edition because it seemed like the only way to get Doom 1 & 2 on PS3, but I ended up really getting into Doom 3 after giving it a fair try. I like it a lot once the action gets going. I'm disappointed the flashlight shadows don't seem to draw on the PS3 version though. Hopefully it will get a patch like the PC version.

Comment Really bad summary (Score 2) 287

Apple throws a tantrum and adds a bunch of new products to the never-ending list of products

Great sentence there...

Apple's tantrum stems from a ruling on Thursday

There's that word again...

...but Samsung is trying to get that ruling thrown out. But as the Apple lawsuit has gone on...

Sounds like babbling.

and because of a ruling on Thursday, Apple throws a tantrum and is trying to add even more products into the lawsuit

Holy shit, didn't you already say that a few sentences ago?

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