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Comment Japanese animation is great (Score 1) 599

Since when is Japanese animation low quality? They have a lower frame rate (15fps) but have much more detail in each frame. The characters are never off model, like in american animation. Individual frames never have mistakes such as using the wrong color in one spot. There is more variety to the color palette. Backgrounds don't repeat as often. Character motion is much more realistic and even when it's not intended to (for a comedic intent, etc), it's modelled more consistently. Shadows are drawn more often and more realistically. I admire and appreciate the quality greatly. It's really funny because as a kid I felt it was much higher quality, and it really made me notice the imperfections in domestic animation.

Comment The first 45 minutes (Score 1) 83

For me it was the first 45 minutes. That's not DOOM at all. Get all the people out of my way and let me start shooting hellspawn. I tried it back in the day and didn't have the patience to get past that part, and after hearing groaning about the flashlight, I just wasn't in the mood to get invested.

Recently, I bought BFG edition because it seemed like the only way to get Doom 1 & 2 on PS3, but I ended up really getting into Doom 3 after giving it a fair try. I like it a lot once the action gets going. I'm disappointed the flashlight shadows don't seem to draw on the PS3 version though. Hopefully it will get a patch like the PC version.

Comment Really bad summary (Score 2) 287

Apple throws a tantrum and adds a bunch of new products to the never-ending list of products

Great sentence there...

Apple's tantrum stems from a ruling on Thursday

There's that word again...

...but Samsung is trying to get that ruling thrown out. But as the Apple lawsuit has gone on...

Sounds like babbling.

and because of a ruling on Thursday, Apple throws a tantrum and is trying to add even more products into the lawsuit

Holy shit, didn't you already say that a few sentences ago?

Comment Doubt it (Score 1) 368

The iPad has a really small screen compared to my TV, and a lot of games I want to play just aren't available for it. Sometimes I want to use my iPad while I'm in the middle of gaming, and that would get really annoying, especially if it was connected to my TV to display the game (in an ideal scenario). What gamepad would I use to control it anyway? There are multiple bluetooth game controllers but not one standard, and most iPad games don't even support them at all. I don't game on my touch device as it is, I don't find myself drawn to any of the games, and I don't think that will change soon.

In addition, I also don't like the way many touch games display ads and promotions and offer upgrades, even if you have paid for the full versions. Some of this stuff is making its way into console games in certain ways and I don't appreciate the influence. I hope the touch experience stays far away from console gaming.

In UK, Apple Must Run Ad Apologizing to Samsung 190

sfcrazy writes "Apple has lost is appeal in a UK court against Samsung's Galaxy Tab. The court of appeals has upheld its previous judgment that Samsung did not infringe on any Apple design. According to the order Apple will have to run an ads in leading UK newspapers as well its own website stating that Samsung did not infringes its products. To ensure that the ad is visible the court also ordered that the text of the ad must not be in a font size smaller than Ariel 14. Apple will have to run the ad on its site for a period of one month."

Ask Slashdot: Hearing Aids That Directly Connect To Smart Phones? 183

mtcups writes "I am a musician/IT guy whose hearing has suffered from VERY LOUD guitar players, (yes I do use earplugs now, but too late), and am faced with the outrageously priced hearing aids $4.5K+/pair and was appalled at their lack of integration with smart phones. It seems obvious to me that I should be able to control the hearing aids via a smart phone interface so I can shape the profile for different environments, and also control features like 'hearing loops' and Bluetooth connections. I have done some research, but my guess is that the hearing aid companies want proprietary systems and don't want a smartphone interface since they would loose control and it would allow for competition for cheaper & better programs. I am not convinced that a combination of good ear-buds, good microphone(s), and a smartphone interface couldn't totally replace these overpriced solutions."

Comment @ least they should all be able to behave the same (Score 2) 1154

Different user interface configurations such as the standard Unity, Gnome, or KDE desktops, should be relegated to some sort of theme file that describes what assets to load and where to put them. Plugins should be used to supply the various functions. That way if you want a lightweight desktop that loads fast like XFCE, you can have one. If you want a more full featured desktop, or one designed to make the best use of screen real-estate for touch devices, you can have that too. I think E17 actually covers most of this, and it is highly optimized, and doesn't rely on 3D for fancy effects but can still take advantage of it.

But the important part is there will be one environment to target, and eccentricities/nuances won't vary like they do between the desktops we have now. The same should go for the file manager/Open dialog/etc that is used, it should be standardized and support plugins/theme descriptions as well. If I start typing a folder name in the window, and then enter a folder and back out of it, will I still be highlighting the folder name I started typing or will I be brought back to the top of the list again? As the directory is read, will the window dynamically display as it is loading in, and jump around when I am typing said folder/file name, or will I stay focused on that area?

I just want this to be the same on every desktop I use, so that I don't have to second guess myself if I'm using a QT or GTK or whatever else app. There can still be different toolkits, but if they are all targeting the same environment, they will behave the same and it will only be the developers that see the difference. If I want to open files with a single click, everything should pay attention to that preference, etc.

Maybe the solution is to extend the reach of the free desktop initiative. But we should be able to mix and match any desktop component, and every toolkit should pay attention to the preferences we set and be able to behave the same if it is specified.

Comment That's a good strategy (Score 4, Insightful) 81

Google has never been a fan of the patent wars. If Google sets up a search engine for prior art, they will be providing a resource with which many patents can be invalidated. Competitors will fear bias in that the prior art database may give results that are in Google's favor, and perhaps start providing resources that index prior art themselves. Hopefully the whole thing will snowball and show the failure of the current system. However if doubt would be cast on the quality and validity of the results then perhaps nobody will pay attention to this initiative.

Comment Open source to be competitive? (Score 1) 159

So to be competitive, hardware manufacturers may have to provide their driver source? Perhaps at least to the developers. But that could be anyone really, and the next Minecraft may run better on Intel graphics hardware than any other because some amateur developer was able to wring performance out of it that much more easily.

But at the level that AMD/ATI and nVidia are competing with each other, perhaps the one to take the edge will be the one that provides open source drivers.

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