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Comment It doesn't have to be true, just marketable. (Score 1) 184

It doesn't have to be true, just marketable. This is about winning customers. Ruin the marketability of that statement and you ruin their stupid attempt at a false sense of security and then maybe we can move on to an actual solution. If people have faith in this, it derails true security.

Comment Cloudberry Kingdom (Score 3, Insightful) 103

Cloudberry Kingdom, Spelunky, and many rogue-likes all do this on a smaller level, but are always constrained by parameters. While they seek to create an AI that will take on more of the tasks, it will still have to be fed parameters created by an author, so unless this AI can create itself, how can it be called truly creative? Rather it is just procedural generation. It may be worth doing but calling it creative is hyperbolic.

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