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Comment Re:Freetards earn the hate. (Score 2) 246

There's no way to trick it into thinking there's a working battery in? Just curious because having a battery in there when you don't need it is a waste, and I wouldn't want it catching fire in my walls or something. This seems like a good idea for old iphones, using them as controllers for other things.

Comment And an inconvenience (Score 1) 243

Agreed, I don't see the appeal. With larger screens and now curved as well, it will just be extra bulky in your pocket and wobble on your desk/nightstand. OCD people will have a fit every time they put it down, waiting for it to be still.

"So put it down the other way."

"Yeah but I can't see the screen."
Internet Explorer

Why Internet Explorer Still Dominates South Korea. 218

New submitter bmurray7 writes "You might think that the country that has the fastest average home internet speeds would be a first adapter of modern browsers. Instead, as the Washington Post reports, a payment processing security standard forces most South Koreans to rely upon Internet Explorer for online shopping. Since the standard uses a unique encryption algorithm, an ActiveX control is required to complete online purchases. As a result, many internet users are in the habit of approving all AtivceX control prompts, potentially exposing them to malware."

Comment Nah (Score 1) 568

Compared to how much you save, the difference between capped and uncapped internet is negligible. Considering we now watch through services like Netflix, YouTube, hulu and others, and we get games through steam and new consoles will have 50GB games, the value proposition is just not there. Even for those who don't use these services, they would be saving at most a few dollars, but charged hefty fees for any overages. This does not reflect the benefit of "paying for what you use.". Powell is either confused or a con artist.

Comment This one's good (Score 1) 381

I have set up brother printers on Linux machines before for family, they are pretty good. One was a USB only and got plugged in to a dd-wrt router and scanning/printing work great over the network. Other one's got an Ethernet port, works great too. The drivers are simple to install but as a warning for a novice: there is some command line stuff for setting up the scanner, and the web site for downloading the drivers isn't the friendliest... but they do officially support Linux! Just noting this because the poster wants a Linux/windows printer specifically.

Comment Wrong definition (Score 3, Informative) 488

Since when does hacker mean someone who must "have the necessary computer skills and intent to simultaneously release the code publicly and conceal their role in that act." Anyone who owns a raspberry pi or jailbreaks their phone can be called a hacker according to these people, and that does not imply the above!

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