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Comment Love XBMC (Score 5, Interesting) 113

XBMC is some really great software, I'm glad support has lasted this long. It's what I use on my TV PC, it's easy to setup, and does exactly what it's supposed to do. It's got some great plugins that allow live streaming from various sources, supports any format I've thrown at it, it's a DLNA server, supports various network protocols for indexing and streaming, supports many remote control devices, it's available for all major OSes and works great on all platforms. I'm extremely happy with it.

Comment Agreed (Score 1) 383

You end up looking like a leathery smoker by the time you're 30, and if you use hair products you'll have thinning hair. Don't even tie your hair back or do cornrows/braids unless you want a receding hairline. Nothing wrong with the natural look anyway, girl or guy. Also, depending on your type of skin, lotions on your face may aggravate it and give you rashes or pimples, facial skin is especially sensitive. Just letting your skin's natural oils have a chance and only washing your face lightly with cold water is probably best. Btw if you're suffering from pimples then that's probably a good thing to try instead of all those products that just dry out your face.

Comment If it has redundancy (Score 1) 332

If the data has redundancy across multiple providers (not just mirrors based on the same software platform and managed under one vendor), then I tend to trust the cloud to make authentic free/libre source code available, but I expect the author to have a backup, and I would keep one myself if I was the author. Aside from this, such as public domain audio, video, text, images, and non-libre but gratis binaries/source, no. Takedowns, and other such methods, as well as internal disputes, threaten the availability of this data, and if a managed provider is asked to take it down, it will become scarce or not available. I make local copies and back them up whenever possible. If it's not managed by me, it can't be guaranteed to be available to me.

Comment With Napster I was buying CDs (Score 1) 213

Actually it's thanks to Napster that I started buying CDs, before that I was listening to what my friends had and ripping the music I really liked. My friends' albums were fine, but now I could find stuff that suited my unique preferences and tastes without pretense. Radio only provided generic songs that were catchy but got old fast and had no real staying power. Napster was a way to easily listen to stuff neither my friends nor the radio could offer, but was even more suited to me. And I wanted more. So I would buy the full CDs of the artists I liked, their singles w/obscure b-sides, etc, I liked them so much I wanted to support them and collect their catalogs. I would never have found Quasi without Napster.

Comment Re:Can faulty logic make data centers less reliabl (Score 3, Insightful) 185


vigorous maintenance
excessive maintenance
poorly documented maintenance

Those are all qualified as out of the ordinary. Anything in excess (on either side of the scale, whether it is too much or not enough) is a problem. Of course maintenance must be performed, but I guess some data centers have a strange idea of best practices, or they do not follow them.

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