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Comment Maybe they should patent this ancient strategy.... (Score 1) 398

....We can just insist that we thought of it first, its our idea, so you can't have it anymore. How's that working for ya?

Its funny how originality only matters if everyone copies you.

"Trade secrets" is an oxymoron: Trade and Secrecy are not mutually exclusive. Its hard to own an idea after you show everyone what it is. Reality: What a concept!

Comment Let the games begin..... (Score 3, Interesting) 203

Economics. Its all a lot more civilized than violence.

But lets stop trying to win petty economic battles in lost wars... Democracies always seem to resort to trade restrictions when confronted by another majority. Its no fun anymore when you are suddenly out numbered by your own ideology.

Human beings are prone to human nature in any and all cultural landscapes. I read that in a fortune cookie (an American custom).

Personally, I like Chinese Food, and I look forward to prosperity and success for all nationalities no matter what economic policies are negotiated, or implemented. Just make sure not to squander life or liberty if wealth belongs to someone else... Other people are people, too.


You stupid jerks, don't you get it yet? Verizon is a crime syndicate with congress in their pocket. Its time to take the airwaves back. Wake the fuck up and stop corporate thieves from continuing to steal from citizens. JUST SHUT THEM DOWN AND PUT THEM IN JAIL. Thousands have run up $800 bills in one month of normal internet usage that they were told would cost a fixed monthly fee. Fuck the fine print, and fuck you Verizon. Can you hear me now Bitch?


Comment GM only profits from FINANCING not manufacturing. (Score 1) 471

Wake up America, this ain't the industrial age of capitalism any more. Its all about the FINANCING of high ticket items. You may think interest fees are low, but in today's bullshit economy its the ONLY real chance that corporations can get your money after they eliminate the competition in the marketplace. GM will make you pay on the bottom line, not on the sticker, but on the clock. Wake up and smell the rip off.

Comment Stones in glass houses...idiot "promoter" (Score 2, Insightful) 422

Rock promoters fear one thing: lawsuits. If this idiot wants to play lawsuit wars, he will not survive another season. Rock concerts like this have much bigger problems traditionally, and perhaps instead of "tapers" he'd prefer the good old days of broken glass whiskey bottles, date rape, stampedes, and under aged drinking and overdosing. This summer many died in Germany in a poorly managed crowd. The fact is that if this turkey thinks there is money to be made in lawsuits, than I say sue this idiot until he can no longer afford to obtain an insurance rider. The fact is that the current generation of parents were some of the woodstockers and Deadheads that perfected the art of concert going. But I remeber when I was promoting concerts in LA in 1980-3 that parents were not so cool, and that a cut on the foot due to broken glass at the venue was enough to swallow the profit margin of a sold out concert. Lets remind these idiots who the customer is, and what will happen to anyone who thinks that suing the customer is a good business plan. And while you're at it, this is a call to all tapers to circulate Denver and to guarantee a "Streisand Effect" on the sound boards. He'll have fun suing the entire planet while watching sales drop. We need another Bill Graham, not another Clear Channel-like corporate scum sucking maggot. Rock on, and let the music never stop.

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