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Comment Re:Wait, WTF? (Score 1) 195

I guess you better not write in your diary about that hot dream you had unless you start it off with "I carded her and she was 21" to keep from going to jail,huh?

I tried that, but then the Feds said that it was a fake ID !

They should know - their "stinkin' badges" are fake.

Comment Dog and Pony Hypocrites (Score 1) 383

Since when did anyone in congress get elected by telling the truth? Clapper is the same as the congress: people in power who never tell the truth. We can't handle the truth has always justified secrecy, and they have a lot of secrets. Americans prefer a highly skilled liar to represent the interests of corporations. Corporate espionage exposes the true conspiracy of governmental snooping and the corporations are pushing back. But this has little to do with lying to the American people - that's routine.

Comment Re:NIMBY Oh Sure... The LAW protects us... (Score 1) 105

......If something goes wrong the private corporation is a lot more likely to suffer consequences than the government. The local and international regulations put on corporations for source tracking and handling are quite stringent.

....I feel much better now. Government has been totally effective at assuring that corporations suffer consequences. Especially these days, since they pay to elect all of the lawmakers who deny culpability, bail them out, and then are retained as their consultants. America has nothing to worry about. Democracy works just the way we like it.

Comment Its hard to know who the criminals are these days (Score 1) 53

Setting aside the fact we won't get all of the facts, on a philosophical level I am beginning to lose a sense of victim, perpetrator, violation, motive, and crime. Frankly, I consider all players in this type of racquet and collective finger pointing and ass coverage to be a a twisted fetich for scumbags, liars, and thieves. The "legitimate" model for how these entities earn their keep and their general lack of commitment or accountability for anything else that results is typical human nature. Corporations may not be people, but they sure behave like impetuous, self centered flakes. Sort of like government and congress, for that matter. Welcome to the human race, I guess. Pity that biological evolution takes soooo long.

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