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Comment Monterey is a Global Treasure (Score 4, Insightful) 411

Some of the most beautiful coastline on earth stretches from Santa Cruz to San Luis Obispo County. The waters are a National Marine Sanctuary. The Monterey Peninsula, Carmel, Pebble Beach, Big Sur are some of the most appealing destinations in California. The Los Padres National Forest extends into miles and miles of virgin wilderness from Ventana through the Santa Lucia and Coastal Range. The collision of the Pacific and Continental plates creates solid granite mountains rising up out of the pounding surf. East of the spectacular coastline is Steinbeck Country - the Salinas Valley, the salad bowl of America some of the most prosperous farmland on planet earth. It finds its water from the Salinas River which is the longest underground river on earth, as spring water percolates up from the range.

The idea of fracking here just makes me wanna stop driving. I can't believe this project has been moving forward all of this time with FALSE DATA from the lying scumbag pigs that want money from resources no matter what the long term cost to the planet. This terrain is the result of tectonics for billions of years, and all some folks can appreciate is that the fault line makes it easier to dig, and the bay makes it easier to transport. In a thousand years there will be nothing worth remembering about this era except for the beauty that was spared from human destruction. Every one of us will be dead in a century, why is that momentary presence so arrogant as to exploit everything possible just because we can.

Life will go on without sucking the Monterey Shale out of the ground so that some people get rich selling old technology to the "free" market. Somehow, I'm sure they can just move along to some renewable energy to sell when the fast easy bucks dry up. Good thing we found out it is already dry here, before they poisoned the golden goose.

Comment In China "8" is a VERY LUCKY, Auspicious number (Score 1) 200

China began their impressive hosting of the Olympic games on 08-08-08 just to illustrate how strong the sentiment.

Perhaps its just a little nauseating to the Chinese culture that they "Kentucky Fry" their national good fortune with yet another mediocre iteration of oppressive corporate software that aims to dominate the market, serve self interest at the expense of the customer, to be the remaining choice available.

Furthermore, the Chinese are pragmatic, and in light of the fact that Microsoft, quite undemocratically, willfully ignores the majority preference of XP in a "free market" it would seem a bit inconsistent of them to endorse such backward economic policy.

They're not complete fascists, after all. Just L8 bloomers.

Comment Re:That's nothing. (Score 1) 8

I was kinda wondering about the statistic on the money spent by dead people on their living pet heirs.

Also, does anyone happen to know if its specifically against the law to marry a poodle in Nevada?

I'm asking for a friend, of course....he's an Elvis wedding chapel drive through/ doggy day care / Colonial Penn insurance agent. Nothing kinky or perverted, not a same sex Poodle style honeymoon or else you know who will be in the dog house. woof, woof, lick, lick, say no more, say no more...

Comment Re:Anti-competitive (Score 2) 238

This is the kind of anti-competitive behavior that gets companies in trouble and causes regulatory crackdowns. Phone companies that make it hard to switch carriers. domain registrars that make it hard to switch registrars, and banks which make it hard to switch banks have all gotten in trouble for this.

Welcome to American Hustle.. Like most sore winners we strut and take too much for granted - particularly our own citizens. Too bad we lost sight of our core values in the process of our financial dominance and success. American values flourish on a level playing field, in an inclusive meritocracy, but now we're back to royal assholes playing king of the hill. Perhaps dominance is more Sisyphus' crushing refrain. Human nature rears its ugly head in any golden age. Lets start with the obvious : Let's stop tolerating unfair, greedy, scum-baggy, slimy business behavior like its an acceptable cost of playing free market capitalism. Its bullshit, we don't tolerate it from people, why do we let big business off the hook? Corporations don't compete, they dominate and destroy innovation, once they reap its rewards. Screw 'em. Just because your pension can't keep up with inflation, that's no excuse to rationalize accepting their dividends. The Golden Rule is more important than the Gold when you have no prospects for success in a neo-facsist cluster fuck of failure and denial. A free market offers options, choices, and healthy competition. . .

Comment Re:Banana republic strikes again (Score 2) 52

"We buy law. We have money."

More like we try to buy results but can't get any... like the 100 Million that Zuckerberg burned trying to improve urban education in New Jersey. The sad fact is that the billions earned by the 1% won't be any more effective than the trillions the fed prints on behalf of the 100%; in other words money is having an unpredictable, diminishing effect on improving the shortcomings of human politics, society, and institutions .

No matter how much we want money to be the silver bullet for all of our ills, you just can't buy solutions off the shelf.

I think we've already established that moving money in greater and greater heaps is not really changing the reality. We have gradually dug ourselves into the current reality, a bunch of green paper can't really be expected to be the only requirement for swift and enduring solutions to our consequent failures of coexistence.

We can fix sociological problems with a focus on people and our behavior, The Golden Rule may actually carry a great deal more weight than the Gold. What a wonderful exercise in irony for the wealthiest philanthropists in the "richest" nation. Perhaps we'll be richer if we place more value on human beings that don't have a lot of cash, but have a lot of value to offer society.

....but the money can't hurt....even if it won't help it sure seems like it should. We're addicted to the fantasy that it buys everything.

Comment Google wants campaign dollars... (Score 2) 138

Google will be quite happy to give it a try . Google is here to sell anyone as much influence as they are willing to pay for... All of those anonymous special interest campaign dollars are burning a hole in souls for sale to the highest bidder. Lobbyists might as well be optimized by those who "don't be evil"... but will be profitable and peddle some product .... and we are that product they are selling. Google is the people's pimp.

Comment Re:Always? (Score 1, Insightful) 104

The approach is based on the fact that the emission of a photon is a quantum process that is always random.

Macroscopically it sure seems random, but the underlying quantum physics show that it is still a deterministic process. Just because we don't have the right instruments to easily observe it doesn't make it have magic properties.

I agree, the song remains the same. Its not random. Its just very, very uncertain. Same as it ever was....

Comment LawyersX and CourtsX run up the meter (Score 4, Insightful) 98

Conspicuous legal procedures and political gymnastics are part of the Corporate/Government - Lobby/Courts Eco-system. SpaceX must exercise their ability to influence courts' legal authority to be immediately responsive to their trade concerns. My point is that the injunction or its dissolution is not important, but the speed in which they accessed court authority is meaningful.

When SpaceX lawyers make a legal assertion the US Court System prioritizes their concerns and responds immediately. Meanwhile, all other stuff on the court dockets languish in obscurity and red tape. If SpaceX has the legal/political clout to effect immediate response from the courts, then that is what I find most noteworthy. Whether or not their injunction is upheld is less important than their ability to get the government's (and our) undivided attention on the issue of their concerns. Its nice to have corporate clout, since corporations are now people. DemocracyX at work.

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