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Comment Re:The education part sounds great... (Score 0) 56

This post is "insightful?" Since when is profit bad? Without profit, you would have literally nothing except what you could physically make with your own hands. No food, no clothes, and especially no electronics or computers. Who do you think finances all these companies, fairies? No, Wall Street and their investors. So get off your high horse and stop complaining about "criminals" in Wall Street you Communist! Go live with nothing, and I mean nothing, for a year then I'll listen. Until then you're nothing but a hypocritical Communist agitator.

Pull your head out of your ass. I never mentioned anything that you just made up and interjected. I never said anything about Capitalism or Communism, because its not the cold war or the 20th Century anymore. We're not discussing the elimination of clothing and computers or electronics and re-entering the stone age or even of believing in fairies. All off that came out of your ass, and yet your head appears to be firmly implanted there.

So try to pay attention this time, because this is not a campaign of nihilism, hypocrisy or communism or any ism. Its simple.


We should also remove the incentives that reward that behavior. This will be a challenge and we must be deliberate and resolute in accomplishing this goal. This is not a political campaign, its the LAW. Just because you work in the financial sector doesn't mean you get to lie and cheat and steal. Its just that simple.

So are you a little dim or are you working for the scumbags?

I have nothing against anyone's political preference. This is NOT a red team blue team issue, although it seems a convenient distraction to make it one. This issue should concern every citizen regardless of their political party, race, creed, sex, age, education, IQ or species! This is about our willful ignorance of serious crime, bad judgement and risky behaviors that have no upside for the 99% who were left to bail these jerks out.


It certainly can't be in this guys knee jerk indignation and Commie calling bullshit.

I'm glad these kids get a free education. I praise Wall Street for all of the good that they do. But I'm gonna be certain that we NAIL them for gaming the system. THAT'S THE LAW. And besides, its just the right thing to do.

Comment The education part sounds great... (Score 2, Insightful) 56

But why should you do evil and work for the criminals in the financial sector? Have you no sense of ethics ?

Just because an inner city kid is poor and needs a free education doesn't mean he should do the dirty work.

JPMorgan owes a lot more than 13 billion and a free tech farm for grooming new corporate fall guys.

Why should crime pay when its too big to fail, with labor that is too small to pay, except for the dirty work.

I'm glad for the free school but I can't help but be cynical about Wall Street.

Comment They don't want to void the warranty..... (Score 1) 99

If there is ever any concern about how medicine is administered, just ask their lawyers. They will call the insurance company who will prepare the Hospital Administrator to testify on behalf of a robot, prior to the deposition. This might be why that new medical procedure is so expensive, even though robots don't need malpractice insurance or an early tee time. Maybe we can eventually eliminate all medical personnel and just give all of our health care dollars directly to insurance company shareholders and collection agencies, and just drop dead. We're already halfway there.

Perhaps we could afford our medicine if we just paid for medicine without the added cost of the insurance and finance and legal lobby that have infiltrated our every transactional need. The have systematically insinuated themselves throughout every capital venture in medicine from the student loan for med school to the GE MRI finance package, and everything in between. This is why they will do anything to stop a single payer health care system.

How much longer will it be before we do the math and stop listening to politicians who only serve the lobby? Stop voting for them! All of them. Insist on paying all your medical costs directly for medical treatment. Get the insurance company shareholder profit out of the middle of your medical costs. Each dollar you spend for your good health and well being should go exclusively to the medical practitioners.

Nobody needs insurance - what we need is medical treatment.

We should devote the funds we pay and pay and pay to remain available to those costs alone.

Sorry BlueCross brown nose, but you'll have to get a job at McDonald's.

Comment Re:I wish I could say this stage was unnecessary (Score 2, Interesting) 99

Though not all would-be 'medical advances' end so salubriously, the sad fact is, we don't know any better way --

Whats the copay and deductible on a "salubrious" medical advance?

Sign me up for some of that, Webster!

I love the bonus vocabulary that comes with well educated scholars. Its nice to get a $10 word to go with that $20 aspirin.

Comment Re:Technology can't cure human nature (Score 1) 256

Then I think we agree.

Its like the serpent eating its tail: "Don't tread on me" creates a fortress out of its physical configuration.

Its the territory of circular logic; like moats, vaults, gun barrels, and even coin. Its an attempt to take a stand.

Its becomes anarchy when you lose control of what you say is yours. Its all a sense of entitlement no matter how you slice it. It works if there is mutual consent to honor the rules. And like I said before, technology can't fix human nature, yet. When people get a hold of technological power they will continue to fail to control themselves as inevitably as they fail to control others.

Comment Technology can't cure human nature (Score 2) 256

Gold, salt, silver, greenbacks, plastic, bitcoin. Take your pick, None of it cures society of thieves, bank robbers, or scoundrels. And anyone who guarantees your money is secure is probably complicit in its theft. There will always be ways to steal your coin. Bitcoin just limits who might steal it.

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